5 Best websites to learn Amazon FBA from in Pakistan

Amazon is easily one of the biggest businesses in the world, and is also a good opportunity for users to make a living out of. 

Amazon is easily one of the biggest businesses in the world, and is also a good opportunity for users to make a living out of.

Watching people’s success stories, and the large revenue they have managed to garner through Amazon may have also intrigued you to learn about Amazon FBA. However, you may be wondering where you can learn Amazon FBA from in Pakistan?

To facilitate you in the process of learning and mastering Amazon, below is a list of websites from where you can learn Amazon FBA in Pakistan.


Founded by Saqib Azhar and Faisal Azhar, Enablers is one of the first websites ever to introduce the concept of Amazon FBA in Pakistan.

It has tutored more than 200,000 students and has a skilled faculty of over a hundred trainers. There are a plethora of courses available on the website, you can enroll in Amazon FBA, Virtual Assistant training course, Google SEO, and more.

Extreme Commerce

Sunny Ali is a popular name amongst the community in Pakistan. Ali is on a mission to transform the country’s digital landscape through skills, personal development, and capacity building.

His goal is to empower Pakistanis to achieve financial independence through his FBA model. Extreme Commerce also has a vast Facebook group where you can network, and learn from other people. You can also join the incubator to meet like-minded entrepreneurs within the Extreme Commerce ecosystem.

Learn With Muhammad Imran

Learn With Muhammad Imran offers a wide array of courses for those who are eager to learn. Aside from Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you can also learn how to earn from YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, and more.

Shahid Anwar LLC

Who doesn’t know Shahid Anwar? The man has become popular on Facebook due to his videos, calling out people and pushing them to do more.

Anwar’s mentorship program can be quite expensive, but for a price of $297, you get access to courses on multiple potential income screams. There is also a community chatroom to talk to other people, and a webinar is held every month. You can also learn Airbnb AR, selling on Facebook MarketPlace, Dropshipping, etc.

PNY Trainings

PNY Trainings has an Amazon FBA course that is 1.5 months long. Based in Lahore, the institute comes up with informative courses that make the learning process a lot easier and less tricky.

PNY Trainings also teaches web development, Shopify, Advance Web Technology, and more.

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