List of Top 5 Countries which offer FREE education to international students

There are many countries worldwide where higher education is free of charge, and students are only required to pay the administration fees.

Many people dream of pursuing studies in another country to have the opportunity to meet new people, know different cultures, taste new foods, visit places, and experience many more new things.

There are many countries worldwide where higher education is free of charge, and students are only required to pay the administration fees.

Here are the top five countries who are offering free education to international students:


International students’ demand to pursue their studies in Germany has increased over recent years because almost all public universities do not require university tuition fees from German and international students. The only payment that students have to make is to cover the administration expenses, which could cost around €150-250 (PKR28,942 – PKR38,589).

Although there is no need to pay any tuition fee at most public universities in Germany, international students must bear in mind that they still need to pay for their living expenses, unless they benefit from a scholarship.

The top study destinations in Germany are Munich and Berlin, which in 2019 were ranked among the most affordable cities for international students.


Students who want to study abroad free of cost can also consider Finland as their study destination, especially students pursuing post-graduate and doctoral degrees.

However, students from the EU countries can study for free in the country at any program, while non-EU students who want to study in English must pay tuition charges.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is another country, which offers free education to international students. However, one criterion to benefit from the free tuition fees at any public university is that students must know the local language.

If a student wants to continue studies in the English language, he/she needs to pay €4,000-12,000 (PKR771,738 – PKR2,315,215) as a tuition fee per year.


In Brazil, national and international students can study for free at most public universities and will have to pay only the registration fees. Whereas, at private higher education institutions, the amount depends on the university and the degree program students choose.

Before applying to any university in Brazil, students should undertake an exam to confirm that they know the Portuguese language. Brazil is also considered an affordable country for students because the prices for food and transport are lower than in countries around.


International students can consider continuing studies in France due to its progressive education sector as well as because the higher education in the country is free at numerous universities.

Moreover, students can also benefit from the French government’s many scholarships, which start from €7,000 to €21,000 (PKR1,350,376 to PKR4,051,128). Living expenses in the country are also reasonable unless the students choose to study in Paris.

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  • Dear Brother and sisters, I live in Germany and came here on a scholarship for Ph.D. Most of the students take the wrong path, the best path is to directly contact a professor in Germany, France, UK, Finland, etc. Please follow these steps, it’s very easy, you can do it all in just 1 day.

    1- Prepare your CV, with academic records, maximum of 3 pages. Please use nice CV templates from google.

    2- Google a professor in Germany with afield that you want to study. Make a list of 10 professors that you want to contact.

    3- Read their latest publication especially the last paragraph of their publication. It will tell you what their research interest is and what they want to do in the future.

    4- Write an email with 2 paragraphs.

    a- you academic introduction
    b- you reason to join their lab (use information from the last paragraph of their new publication and mention that you are interested in this kind of research)

    5- Attach your Cv, send an email. Also, send a reminder email in 1 week if you do not get a reply.

    6- If the Professor accepts you in the lab, his/her secretary will take care of your admission to the university.


    Thank you.

  • I wanna study in france .please send me complete detail and criteria for post graduate students

  • I want to study in Germany ??. Please send me the complete details about scholarships.

  • I want to get study in Germany for my son who posses 3 years Diploma in Associate Engg (Auto & Diesel) equivalent to F.Sc. Plz give me detail how to get study & scholarship in Germany.

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