5 Factories Sealed For Using Dyes In Ketchup and Rotten Eggs In Mayonnaise

PFA (Punjab Food Authority) has been carrying out massive scale raids to investigate the standard of hygiene in the products being offered. It has been a growing concern among people as the cases of health deterioration keep making to the media.

Recently, the death of minor boys allegedly linked with to eating stale meat in a reputed restaurant in Karachi stirred controversy and raised questions on what we are being served in these star-studded names. But what is the quality of food we are consuming every single day in fancy packaging needs to be watched as well.

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Reportedly, PFA raided 39 production units across the province of Punjab and found out dyes being used in ketchup and rotten eggs being used in manufacturing mayonnaise. Out of those, five were sealed, seven were fined and 26 given strict warnings for producing substandard food.

Two of the sealed factories were located in Rawalpindi, two in Lahore and other were in Rahim Yar Khan.  According to Captain (retd) Muhammad Usman, Director General of PFA, 46000 kgs of low-quality ketchup, 70 kgs of starch and 15 kgs of textile dyes.
Not only was it discovered that dyes were being used to colour the ketchup instead of tomatoes, but it was also found that the factories were having extremely unhealthy and unfavourable working environment.

There were cockroaches and flies contaminating the food. 14 samples of the ketchup have been collected and sent for laboratory testing.  PFA has made some significant development in the current year. Back in April, it banned the companies from using the word ‘energy drink’ and instead label them as ‘stimulators’ to aware people of the consequences and put a needed dull-stop to deceptive marketing practices.

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