Do you know that these 5 Super Hit dramas were written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar?

Following 5 dramas written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar gained quite some following among viewers.


Khalil ur Rehman Qamar – the name we all know by now – recently rose to national prominence after drawing criticism from the leftist factions for his problematic views. However, besides it, some of the most-watched dramas of Pakistani industry are his work.

In most of his interviews, Khalil has expressed his fondness for writing and says that he as an individual and him as a writer are two completely different people.

Following 5 dramas written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar gained quite some following among viewers:

~ Landa Bazar | Laal Ishq:

Landa Bazar, a drama which was aired in the early 2000s, stars Babar Ali and Farah Shah. The story revolves around a man named Bali (played by Babar), who is surviving in a world of crime and corruption while trying to rebuild his relationship with his fiancee Zohra (played by Farah)

The drama became so popular that its sequel named Laal Ishaq was also aired in 2017.

~ Saqday Tumharay:

Sadqay Tumharay, a quite an unpredictable and thrilling storyline, is allegedly Khalil’s own life story. The award-winning serial features Mahira Khan. The story reloves around Shano (played by Mahira Khan) and her fiance Khalil (played by Adnan Malik).

Shano is madly in love with her fiance whom she has not seen in 10 years while Khalil looks down on her initially as she is a simple village girl. However, he too later falls with her but they could not get married because of family issues.

The love story, which leads to a tragic and unpredictable end, garnered quite a lot of viewership. The OST also became the topic of the town for its unique lyrics and soothing composition.

~ Pyaare Afzal:

The drama not only became one of the most prominent works of Khalil himself but for his star-studded cast which included Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sohai Ali Abro and Ayeza Khan as well.

The story is about Afzal (played by Hamza), who is an undercover police agent and is in love with Farah (played by Ayeza). The story, which involves a love triangle, has quite a tragic end as, after years, when Farah finally confesses his love for Afzal, he is killed by the police for resigning from his post as an agent.

~ Mohabbat Tum Say Nafrat Hai:

Having an IMDB rating of 8.1, Mohabbat Tum Say Nafrat Hai is an interesting family serial. Like all of Khalil’s dramas, this also has a tragic end in which the heroine consumes poison to revenge her lover, who previously left her on their wedding day.

The drama stars Ayeza Khan, Shehzad Sheikh and Imran Abbas. It was aired in 2017 and is still among the most popular serials.

~ Meray Paas Tum Ho:

The most recent work of Khalil, Meray Paas Tum Ho became a national obsession. The story revolves around a cheating wife who leaves her husband for a rich man. The man, however, later abandoned her and she spends her life regretting her decision.

The drama serial stars Ayeza Khan, Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siqqiqui.

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  • Bottom line is if a person has any decency in him/her than he/she should stand against any sexist and misogynist behavior regardless whoever is saying it.

    This drama writer is just one person but he is a representation of decades of religious and cultural ignorance and sickness prevailing in our society.

    Just because some Mullah or Imam in his book or in his speech has told you that Men are “Hakim” of women – and you believe in it?

    Just because they said it’s in the Quran and you just closed your eyes and believed in it?

    Just because they said that Allah has given this right to a man – and you just blindly believed in it?

    Do you feel that God almighty who has created both men and women would have such little regard of women?

    Or is it sneaky religious people, who write claim such things and in reference use their own or their own kinds’ references to back their argument. Of course their references would justify their agenda.

    And their agenda is nothing but to keep 50% of human race beneath basic human rights and privileges.

    Have some dignity and self-respect for yourself and for the women at your own household. Stop ascribing things to God and Quran when it is nothing but the product of your own sick imagination.

    Stop thinking that you are the only one who has an understanding of Islam and Quran.

    Don’t be so arrogant. Stop thinking that you are the only one who is right… give others some credit too.

    Don’t forget you are just a product of the society or a household you were born in. Your beliefs are only reflections of your surroundings. It has nothing to do with being right or wrong.

    Just give a break to yourself, your family, and others around you.

  • Not seen any better writer than Khalil sb in my life. These feminists should be thrown out of this country as this is the agenda of foreign funded NGO’s only. My religion gives women their rights and we will only allow our women the rights which Islam gives. Period.

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