Five Minors Die Due To Consuming Stale Food In Karachi

In an unfortunate incident, soon after the Arizona Grill’s scandal, five minors lost their lives. As reported by a local news source, the family originally belonged to Quetta and was staying in Karachi. They consumed food from a restaurant in Saddar, that led to food poisoning, resulting in the death of five children.

The children were also accompanied by their paternal aunt, who is lying unconscious in a hospital. The police say that they consumed food from restaurant Nau Bahar in Saddar. Among the deceased was one and a half years old Abdul Ali, four years old Aziz Faisal, three years old Aliya, seven years old Toheed and nine years old Salva. The affected also include their 28 years old Aunt Bina, who is admitted in the hospital. The cause of death is still unknown, as to what caused the food poisoning, but it is confirmed that the food affected. This happened almost a month later the incident that happened at Arizona Grill, where contaminated three years old meat was used to prepare food, claiming the lives of two minors.

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Minor Brothers Die Due To ‘Food Poisoning’ After Eating Food From Restaurant In Karachi

Superintendent of Police (SP) Tahir Noorani confirmed the death of five siblings ranging from ages of 1.5 years to 10 years and said that concrete action will be taken once the statement of the Aunt is recorded. Sharjeel Kharal, DIG South, briefed that according to the father’s statement, the children fell ill after eating at the mentioned restaurant.

”The food authority told the chief minister that it has secured food samples from both the restaurants as well as the room that the family was staying in. The samples are being sent for testing. it added.’

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