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LAST UPDATED AT: 02 Apr, 2020 - 11:07am

5-Month-old Infant Raped By Her Cousin, Dies During Treatment In India


In a horrific, gut-wrenching incident, a 5-month-old baby girl lost her life after being sexually abused by her cousin-brother in Uttar Pradesh, India.


According to details, the baby’s mother had come from Hardoi district to her relatives place when the accused, Pappu, took the baby girl outside with himself on the pretext of playing with her. When he didn’t return home after many hours, the girl’s family started searching for her.

After four hours of searching by the locals, the girl was eventually found in a critical condition. She was taken to the nearby Vivekanand hospital, where she kept crying due to extreme pain.

The 5-months old later succumbed to her injuries during the treatment. The accused is still at large, while the police has registered a case against him upon the complaint of the victim’s brother.


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