5 Pictures That Show PPP Hates Karachi

Karachi — the orphaned city.

(Fawad Hasan)

NO STREET LIGHTS: Cars Drive In Complete Darkness At Night At The Main Road Leading To Karachi’s Mukka Chowk.

Karachi, the financial hub of the country, does not have basic street lights in most of the places around the city.

This is a very unpleasant reality most Karachiites have been dealing with for years.
I have traveled across Pakistan and was surprised to see how swiftly Lahore has developed over the years, that even under the corrupt PML-N!

There is no doubt both PPP and PML-N are evil. Nevertheless, nothing can compare to the PPP’s immense atrocities committed in their own provincial capital.


DRUGS: Addicts injecting heroin into each other on the roadside in Karachi. 

Recently, the police have established a direct correlation between the rise in the consumption of drugs and the rise in street crime in Karachi after the recent murder of the UIT Director.

The drug addicts are trigger-happy and would do anything to get the money for drugs.

Forget about saving the common citizens, the PPP leaders are often alleged to be involved in intoxicants, such as alcohol, themselves!

(S. Akber/INP)

BROKEN ROADS: A broken manhole in the middle of a main street in North Karachi.

According to a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), in which it regarded Karachi as one of the least livable cities globally, Karachi’s Infrastructure scored a disappointing 51.8 points out of 100.

Compared to this, Perth and Melbourne in Australia, two of the world’s most livable cities, scored full 100 points pertaining to their Infrastructure.

(PPI via ZUMA Wire)

OPEN NULLAHS: A man walks across an open sewage drain covered with garbage in Karachi, the financial hub of the country.

Unfortunately, in the same report by the EIU, Karachi’s Healthcare and Culture & Environment both got a staggering 33.3 points out of 100 points, one of the lowest in the world!

Migrant Children Watch The Trash And Their Dreams Burn As They Cannot Afford Basic Education Nor Can They Hope To Witness Their Living Conditions Improve.

Overall, the EIU report regarded Karachi as the 7th least livable city in the world in a list of 140 cities worldwide.

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