Here Are 5 Things That Were Completely Wrong With Sanam Jung’s Controversial Morning Show

Morning show culture has come under criticism countless times recently especially as people have started to realize the magnitude of the audience they are catering and the content they include.
Sanam Jung’s ‘Jaago Pakistan Jaago’ last year came under hot fire as well due to one of it’s bizarre segments ‘Maasi no.1’, that according to the viewers had extremely derogatory remarks.

Now again, we are sure you have probably seen it on social media by now, Sanam’s show featuring makeup artists across Karachi has had some questions raised. In one of the competitions, the task was given to darken complexion of the models and do their bridal makeup.
It all made some sense in the beginning, but the later show, that included nothing but extremely belittling remarks drenched in colorism.

Unfortunately, years have passed since independence, but Pakistan’s obsession with fair skin continues. Without even realizing how many confidences it might kill and especially in today’s world, where people of color have made their mark in beauty industry standing for themselves and showing the world that there’s more to an individual than the color of the skin, this JPJ show only appeared synonymous to nonsense.
In case you missed out, here are 5 things that were completely wrong with Sanam Jung’s controversial show:

Why Not Just Include Dark-skinned Models?

If the entire point of the show was to be inclusive about people with every skin tone, why not just include them? The entire thing appeared bizarre as rather than actually choosing them, the task included the same ‘perfect’ models but altering their skin tone. Well, the outcome wasn’t quite pleasant to look at either.

Repeatedly Referring To Dark-skinned People As ”Negro” and ”Habshi”
People we proceed, see this clip of how the task was introduced:

Repeatedly passing derogatory remarks and belittling people of colour is in no way acceptable. While the entire content of the show revolved around it, it is rather harrowing how these shows are so low on quality despite being among the most viewed shows on television.

Hosts Consistently Insult The Participants:

The competition was meant to provide a platform to talented women who don’t have the resources, but instead only includes offending them and in fact, disrespecting them. Not a very pleasant thing to see first thing in the morning, is it?

Referring To Fair Skin As ‘Model Skin Tone’

If all this wasn’t enough, the host kept calling the fairer skin product as the one ‘on models’, while saying that they never get the darker skinned clients, completely zoning them out and denying if they exist in Pakistan in the first place.

Quality Control And Content Check:

Everything in this show was objectionable and had nothing positive to convey, while the question arises how they even approve the content like this? Without being completely insensitive to it can send a message of insecurity to the viewers, these shows literally go to any extent for the sake of ratings.

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