5 interesting and unknown facts about Ahmed Ali Akbar

The actor's recent role in the drama Parizaad has won him more appreciation and acclaim than ever before.

Ahmed Ali Akbar is one of the many gifted actors of the Pakistani entertainment industry. The man has always taken up very challenging roles and delivered them with 100% dedication. This explains why Ahmed Ali Akbar has won the hearts of many viewers and critics.

The actor’s recent role in the drama Parizaad has won him more appreciation and acclaim than ever before. Pakistanis are interested in knowing more about him and his journey to his successful profession. We are here to satiate your hunger for knowledge about Ahmed Ali Akbar.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Ahmed Ali Akbar:

1. Started Working As a Child Actor

Many people do not know that Ahmed Ali Akbar started acting at a young age. He was only 11 when he acted in a PTV drama, and his first salary was 500 rupees. He also worked in a television commercial as a child star. He tasted the attention fame brings at a really young age when everyone from school started recognizing him as the boy from the television commercial. He shared in an interview that everyone’s attitude towards him changed after he was famous as a child star, and that was a rewarding experience for him.

2. Impressive Athletic Background

Before stepping into acting full time, Ahmed Ali Akbar was a national-level tennis player. He was also a musician and a competitive swimmer. The actor has also played club-level cricket as he belongs to a family of athletes. His father and brothers have represented Pakistan on national and international level sporting grounds and won medals.

3. Does Not Enjoy Watching Himself on Screen

Ahmed Ali Akbar does not enjoy watching his performance on screen. When he did his first acting job, and the drama aired, he did not like watching himself on television. However, the actor enjoys the reactions he gets from people after they watch his work on television.

4. Prefers a Positive Outlook and Simple Life

Ahmed Ali Akbar has a positive outlook on life. He believes in looking for happiness in small things and is constantly looking for the positive aspect of every situation. The actor is not a big fan of the ‘celebrity life’ and prefers living a simple life. He doesn’t believe in changing his personal life and personality behind success or fame.

5. Does Not Like Materialistic and Dishonest Women

We are pretty sure a lot of women out there would want to know what qualities Ahmed’s ideal girl possess. As it turns out, Ahmed does not like women who “stink”, are dishonest or materialistic. He would love to marry someone who likes traveling and is not afraid to travel to places with no roads! Ahmed Ali Akbar is a wanderer and would want to be with someone who shares the same perspective as him.

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