5 Turkish dramas to watch ASAP to make your week better!

This need for 'something new' is where Turkish dramas come in.

Turkish dramas you should watch today. Although the Pakistani entertainment industry offers various exciting dramas to the Pakistani audience, some days, we all feel like trying something new. This new series can be something that doesn’t follow a similar theme, something that allows you an insight into a different culture altogether, or something that presents new faces and characters.

This need for ‘something new’ is where Turkish dramas come in. This series features gorgeous actors and actresses, quality storylines, and beautiful settings and locations that the shows were shot in.

Here are five Turkish dramas you should be watching:

1. Ishq e Mamnoon

Ishq e Mamnoon is the most popular and well-known Turkish drama, best described as the ultimate lavish experience of watching Turkish series. The drama’s storyline follows a much older man who falls in love with the daughter of the woman who fancies him. This series takes us on a journey of forbidden love and relationships.

2. Fatima Gul

Fatima Gul is the heartbreaking tale of people using their power to get their way around. The drama explains how people of power toy with real people and adversely affect their lives. It is an exciting watch for viewers who prefer more emotional dramas.

3. Feriha

Feriha follows the story of a young woman trying her best to fit into a culture where status is everything. Exciting twists and turns come up in the series when she falls in love. This Turkish drama is indeed an emotional roller coaster ride that introduces the viewer to look at things from many different perspectives.

4. Kala Paisa Pyaar

Kala Paisa Pyaar, another popular Turkish drama, offers a very surprisingly unique perspective on love stories. The drama plays off on the Stockholm Syndrome and showcases the thrill of mystery, robberies, and finding out the truth. If the suspense is your thing, you should watch Kala Paisa Pyaar, as this series is undoubtedly guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seats.

5. Manahil aur Khalil

Manahil aur Khalil is a heartbreaking tale of how two people in love are just not allowed to be together. The storyline of the series follows a couple who has to go through hell and back to keep their love alive. Comprising many heartbreaks every step of the way, this drama is a highly emotional take on love about a couple that is just ‘meant to be’.

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