VIDEO: 5-year-old Afghan Kick-Boxer goes viral on social media

The kid got some moves!

Nawid Yousefi, a 5-year-old talented kick-boxer, has become an internet sensation for his amazing boxing skills. As soon as the little champ posted his video on the internet, it went viral. In the video, Nawid is seen warming up and showcasing his pad-work and boxing bag drill talent with his father, Hussain Yousefi.

Originally from Afghanistan, Nawid emigrated to Indonesia with his family. They live in West Java, Bogor, Puncak, Indonesia.

Nawid began training with his father in the begining of of 2020. Hussain Yousefi, Nawid\\’s father, told a media outlet that they had been training in boxing and Muay Thai for six months. He said:

Nawid\\’s enthusiasm led us to start training together and move forward. During this short time, Nawid has improved a lot and has shown incredible talent. My plan for Nawid\\’s future is to work harder, so he becomes a legend in world sports.

Nawid Yousefi\\’s extraordinary technical proficiency is beyond his age. He certainly is an inspiration for other kids around him. Ali Sena, Nawid\\’s brother, said:

Nawid is very hardworking and has great talent. He always tells me he wants to be a world champion.

The little kick-boxer is full of determination. Nawid aims to become a world champion one day and follow in the footsteps of his favorite fighters:

My dream is to become a world champion, and I want to raise the Afghan flag globally. Please support me.

Besides martial arts, Nawid loves to play football and to paint.

We wish Nawid the very best and hope that the little kickboxer becomes a great role model and is known all around the world one day.

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