At least 5 years till Pakistan gets 5G, says PTA


Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication discussed the issue of introduction of 5G technology in Pakistan. The committee questioned why one company has been given permission to start the project but the other two are still awaiting approval.

The committee further questioned why only Zong was allowed to test 5G services in the ceremony, giving the impression that they are the pioneers of the service in the country.

Senator Rubina Khalid, the chairperson of the committee, added that the company was advertising its 5G technology. She added they even placed streamers in the event that was conducted a few days ago in the federal capital.

The company agreed that the companies should not be allowed to advertise and mislead customers by making false claims.

Companies told to refrain from advertising they have the new technology

Senator Mian Ateeq Shaikh showed his reservations over the fact that Zong was allowed to test it while other companies were deliberately held back from doing so. He added that the cellular company has even started to advertise itself as the pioneer of the technology in Pakistan.

PTA Member Khawar Siddique Khokhar verified that only Zong was allowed and others were stopped.

“Zong did a joint venture with Wi-tribe and used its spectrum to test the technology. However, other companies don’t have spectrum so they could not start testing,” he told the committee.

‘Can lead to a security risk’

Rubina said that Pakistan should not be allowing testing of 5G technology unless a properly scripted national cybersecurity policy has been formulated.

“I suggest that there should be no more testing of the 5G [the fifth-generation cellular network] technology as long as we protect our data which can easily be stolen because of the new technology which will provide very fast downloading,” she said, expressing her viewpoint.

Others, however, disagreed. They said that every new technology comes with risks but that does not mean we should abandon it altogether.

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