50 core points of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s yesterday’s address

Following the first-ever budget presented by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, Prime Minister proceeded for a bombastic address to the nation having 50 core points.

As it is said, Imran Khan was born with a robe of silk on. No dirt, I repeat, no dirt at all sticks to his clothes. His yesterday’s address based on 50 core points that he spoke about verifies it.

Until the last week, the journalists were scaring the people with the upcoming budget and the economic survey was expected to be a nightmare. But Monday came with eid-like news for PM when the Ultimate Conman, the Sab Pe Bhaari, Mr 10 percent Zardari was arrested.

Everyone forgot about some boring numbers Hafeez Shaikh was quoting in a press conference & Zardari’s arrest was THE NEWS of the day.

Similarly, Tuesday, the Budget day, which is usually a VERY anti-government day started with two big arrests of Hamza Shahbaz & Altaf Hussain, again making a Pro-Government ambiance for the budget speech. And when there began some slight post-budget bashing of government on all the media outlets, came Imran Khan himself to yet again dust the dirt off his clothes with a thrashing, fact-backed & ruthless address to the nation.

In half an hour, through his 50 core points, the PM did not only explain to the nation the entire political scenario but also requested the nation to bear the difficult times with him and announced the formation of a ruthless anti-corruption commission under his supervision.

Have a look at a detailed 50 core points of his Dabbang Address:

(Read it all to understand the entire political scenario in Pakistan. My Favorite Points: 6-10 & 28-38)

Imran Khan’s post-budget address was based on 50 core points.


  1. Today PTI presented its first budget. We will talk about it later but to understand it, I need to tell you that this budget is based on Naya Pakistan.

  2. What Naya Pakistan is? It will be like Riyasat.e.Medina. Unfortunately, the west has opted for it and not us.

  3. In Riyasat.e.Medina, everyone was equal. Mainly, the head of the Riyasat was answerable. He couldn’t say how dare you to question me or threaten NAB.

  4. In Medina, there was merit, law, humanity. It was a welfare state. Minorities were a part of the nation. Hazrat Ali A,S, lost a case in court to a Jew. These were the principles why Muslims ruled for 700 years.

  5. Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s Khutba Hajjatul Widda is now a part of the UN Human Right Charter. This is my dream to make Pakistan like that of Riyasat.e.Medina.

  6. Since day one, opponents are asking that where is Naya Pakistan. I want to tell you all that Riyasat.e.Medina was not made in one day.

– In Ghazwa e Badr on 313 agreed to fight, the rest were scared.
– In Ghazwa e Uhad people disobeyed the Prophet PBUH and lost.
– In Ghazwa e Khandaq Muslims almost lost but Allah saved them through a storm.
They gradually became great people.

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  1. I don’t have a switch. It’s all a process. I have the faith that we will become a great nation.

  2. Allah has blessed us a lot. He has done what, no one imagined. All the mighty untouchables are behind bars, this is Tabdeeli.

  3. Did anyone think that those who used to call judges, who attacked judges & bought them, would be behind bars?

  4. Today, courts are free, NAB is free. Imran Khan can’t influence courts nor NAB. I didn’t make NAB, PMLN and PPP appointed NAB Chairman. Slowly and gradually change is coming.

  5. Democracy works when people in parliament are of different views. Liberals, socialists, leftists, rightists, capitalists, all sit together and reach consensus. That’s the beauty of Democracy.

  6. But since day one, the opposition is not letting me speak. What did I do to them?
    They said elections were unfair, we agreed and made a commission on the first day.
    Then what else was the issue? I didn’t make any case. All these cases are old. Zardari’s case was filed by Ch Nisar. We didn’t make any case. Nawaz’s Panama Case, Shehbaz’s corruption case, all were old cases. Yet they are protesting against me.

  7. Since day one, they are not letting me speak in parliament. What’s my fault? My fault is that they want me to get pressurized and give them NRO, which I am not giving.

  8. Dear Pakistanis, in 90s PMLN and PPP, called each other corrupt and hence their governments kept on going. Whenever NS came to power, Zardari was sent to jail, today they are together.

  9. When Musharraf came, he sent Nawaz Sharif with an NRO from Hudaibia Paper Mill Case. It was the biggest money laundering case. Then, Musharaf did another NRO and called both Nawaz and Zardari back.

  10. These two NROs ruined us. Today all the problems we are facing are mainly because of these NROs.

  11. Then they signed Charter of Democracy, brought a NAB chairman together & decided turns to rule. In these 10 years, our loan went up to 6000 Arab to 30,000 Arab. They made this nation indebted of 24,000 Arab.

  12. All this, without any big development. We built dams & motorways with previous 6000 Arab loans. But in these 10 years, nothing happened where did the loan money go?

  13. It was all Muk Muka, it wasn’t a Charter of Democracy, it was a Charter of Corruption. Both looted openly.

  14. The dilemma of Pakistan is, when its loan went up to the sky, the financial status of these three families(Zardari, Nawaz & Shahbaz) went up as well.

  15. Alone Shahbaz Sharif and sons did a money laundering of 26 million dollars & their assets increased by 85 times in the last 10 years. They made 30 companies from 4 companies.

  16. They claimed some investor has sent remittances. When investigated, it was discovered, that they were fake people, e.g. one of them was a pappar wala, Manzoor, who never went abroad. All such were fake accounts.

  17. Similarly, among his 50 core points, he said that Zardari laundered money of 100 Arab Rupees through fake accounts. There was a Falooda Wala who had 3 Arab rupees in his account. The woman (Ayan Ali) who was caught on the airport with 5 Lac Dollars, had 75 travels abroad before. Imagine how much money she would have taken. That woman and Bilawal had the same fake account.

  18. Then comes Nawaz Sharif. Firstly, Imagine, the PM of Pakistan is an employee of a company in Dubai. Pakistan’s defence minister was an employee abroad as well. It was all money laundering. Iqama was the way of money laundering.

  19. These days my government is bringing information from abroad. We discovered that Pakistanis have 10 Arab Dollars abroad in banks. In the last 4 years, Pakistanis took 9 Arab Dollar properties in Dubai.

  20. Majority of these properties and accounts are of former ministers and PM. If the leaders at the top are plundering, how can they stop others?

  21. Talking about Nawaz Sharif, NS had Hill Metal, it was in default, but when PMLN came to power it started making money in 2008.

  22. Mahathir Muhammad once told me, small corruptions hurt people. But when PM & ministers are corrupt, it takes down the country.

  23. In 8 years of Musharaf, only 2 Arab Dollars loan was increased. But when their partnership started & democracy came to take revenge from this country (sarcastically) as they said democracy is the best revenge, in the 10 years, our loan went up to 41 Arab Dollar to 97 Arab Dollar.

  24. When they left in 2018, the Current Account Deficit was at record 19.5 Arab Dollar. In 2013, when PMLN came, it was 2.6 Arab Dollar.

  25. Since day one, I only took off for 8 days. We feared, if we didn’t give loan instalments, Pakistan would have defaulted. We were in immense stress. I again would like to thank UAE, CHINA & KSA who helped us in this difficult time.

  26. But since today, I had a pressure of stabilizing the country. Now it’s done, Alhamdulillah, we are in a stable position. Now, Today, I am going after them!

  27. I am going to make a high powered commission, who will figure out how and where did the 24000 Arab go? It will do it, so no one would ever dare to rob Pakistan again.

  28. InshaAllah, this commission will have IB, ISI, FBR, SECP & FIA. They all will investigate how these people ruined our economy. It’s my promise from the nation as I have been saying for 22 years that corruption is our biggest issue.

  29. Former Finance Minister is on the run. His kids & assets are abroad. Two billionaire kids of the 3 times PM say they are not Pakistanis.

  30. The so-called Khadim e Aala went for medical checkups abroad. Why didn’t the Sharifs make any hospital better enough for their own treatment? His son in law is involved in Saaf Paani Scam and he is on the run. Salman Shahbaz has escaped. All his money came from abroad through fake accounts.

  31. These people have no concern about our economy. All they are worried about is their own money.

  32. We have made this commission. I am promising you, I will supervise this. I will Inshallah tell the people how they looted the money. They claim to question me, I will now question them. Each and every one of them.

  1. They are threatening me that they will protest, will come on roads & will defeat me.
    Listen, I live in my house. I pay my own expenses. I have no camp office. Expenses of Zaman Park are paid by myself. (I am not making any money from these seats)

  2. Let me make it clear, I WILL NOT SPARE THE THIEVES, EVEN IF IT ENDANGERS MY LIFE. I had promised Allah that if He gives me one chance, I will not spare any corrupt.

  3. No matter what they do and say. They shout in Parliament as if it would affect me. I am the one who is used to taking pressure all my life. How can they pressurize me? Do whatever you can do, I will not spare each and every of that person who looted Pakistan.

  4. In this budget, we tried to keep money separate for extremely poor people. Their ration, loans, Panah gaah, housing schemes. We will do our best to uplift them even in these times.

  5. We have cut down our expenses. Except for security, I bear all my expenses.

  6. Also, the way the Army has sacrificed their expenses, I salute them for taking this decision. Despite terrorism & border tensions, they offered to cut down expenses.

  7. In the same way, we have reduced 50 Arab rupees expenses in an unprecedented move.

  8. We have reduced 10% of salaries of cabinet members.

  9. For people below 17 grade, we have increased 10% salaries but for those above 17, we have frozen the increments. Because we all have to sacrifice.

  10. I and chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi are now a team. We will improve the FBR. We will make this institution a competent institution. Its a challenge for me, that I will collect taxes from this very country which gives the most donations.

  11. Look Pakistanis, we can not be a great nation without giving taxes. Nor we can rely on loans. Allah has bestowed us with everything in this country. It’s just a matter of time, we will come out of this difficult time together.

  12. Among the 50 core points relating to the current political scenario, he also asked to avail Amnesty Scheme, because after 30 June, all your benaami assets, accounts will be confiscated.

  13. We can collect 10,000 Arab Rupees easily as taxes and all our problems will be solved but for that, we all need to get together.

  14. In the end, to conclude this bombastic address’s 50 core points, PM said please help us, let’s be a greater nation. This is one last difficult year, after that, we will prosper. We will have investments, Pakistan has great geostrategic importance. We have given 100 Arab subsidies to industries. But, in all these, I need your support.

We will make this country great, together!

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