Revival of religious tourism: Doors of 500-year-old gurdwara opened for Indian pilgrims

Sialkot: A gurdwara dating back 500 years is now open for Indian pilgrims.

  • In a bid to revive religious tourism in Pakistan, Gurdwara Babe-de-Ber has been re-opened for Indian pilgrims. 
  • Located in Sialkot, the gurdwara dates back 500 years. 
  • Indian Sikhs previously wrote to PM Imran Khan to allow daily entry of 500 pilgrims.


In an attempt to revive religious tourism in Pakistan, a gurdwara dating back 500 years in Sialkot has now been opened for Sikh pilgrims from India. Gurdwara Babe-de-Ber will now allow Sikh pilgrims to perform their religious rituals.

Punjab hosts Sikh pilgrims from countries across the world (Europe, Canada, and the United States), particularly India. However, pilgrims from Indian Punjab previously faced problems while visiting but thanks to the tireless efforts of Punjab Governor Muhammad Sarwar, it is now possible.

Sarwar ordered Punjab’s Auqaf department to include Sikh pilgrims from India to the list. So now, they can visit the Sialkot gurdwara with ease. Indian Sikh pilgrims particularly visit Pakistan on the birth and death anniversaries of Guru Nanak, the martyrdom of Guruwar Jin Devji as well as the Besakhi festival and the death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

About Sialkot’s historic Babe-de-Ber gurdwara:

According to the Sikh tradition, when Guru Nanak came to Sialkot from Kashmir back in the 16th century, he stayed under the tree of Beri. 

Sardar Natha Singh then built a gurdwara in his remembrance at the site, but the Sikh pilgrims could not visit it due to the political tensions between the arch-rivals. However, now they can. Sikh devotees thanked the Pakistani government for the step.

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Gurdwara in pictures:



Indian Sikhs asked Pakistan to allow daily entry of 5,000 pilgrims:

The Delhi Gurdwara Management Company wrote a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan to allow daily entry of Sikh pilgrims. Permission to allow 5,000 pilgrims to visit Gurdwara Darbar Sahib each day via Kartarpur Corridor was requested.

Delhi Gurdwara Management Company President Sardar Majinder Singh said that they have made five requests to PM Imran Khan. The requests were as follows:

  1. to increase the number of pilgrims from 700 to 5,000 on a daily basis.
  2. allow entry of 10,000 pilgrims on religious occasions such as Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday.
  3. the corridor should remain open for all seven days a week.
  4. foreign Indian citizens should also be permitted to make an entry like other Indian citizens.
  5. Entry on foot should be allowed.

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