• Such cases are common in Pakistan even by international players like Toyota Indus bcz there is no consumer rights. Glad on the decision

  • Great news for me bcz i also received low quality items Many time but i have no idea about the section 26 act of Sindh government.
    So i appreciate the person who registerd complain against online service center.

  • Nice effort to improve the number one app daraz.pk, it is the responsibility of daraz.pk to manage the mismanagement
    I salute the customer.

  • I am delighted to hear this, my request is kindly increase the fine to millions, because it is routine for these online websites to send substandard stuff to consumot

  • Asa
    Forget abt the low quality product but I sent me completely faulty product and different product in size which was three times cheaper than the price I paid. I was living abroad and I have a great experience with ebay and and Amazon. Please everyone read Quran in the language u understand before death bez its the only way to heaven

  • Yes it has happened to me as well few times the material was very low quality a very good step taken by this lady I hope so daraz will improve their product quality

  • Well done thanx sindh court I am also victim of daraz lost 14000 fraud from daraz I happy from this Dania kashif who set example for daraz we’ll done sister Dania for bringing daraz under law.

  • Appreciate consumer courts action, would appreciate if consumer courts simplify the procedure to launch complaints, preferably some online method.

  • Thiat is injustice because daraz have very clear policy of return then why she did not returnd back for change or refund.

    • They did not bother she did the right thing because I returned the package to them once but they didn’t send

  • Right two years before, I ordered the said company for a perfume. On receiving the parcel found a substandard perfume, which are normally being sold at saddar on the carts. Complained none entertained my complain. I would suggest you never order online. They will provide you substandard articles.

  • I prefer to buy from locally in Pakistan, but on the other hand I have very good experience with argos, Amazon, eBay and aliexpress

  • That was a big help for the buyer they will have to think twice before they order from daraz.No wonder I have had problems with daraz in the past.Well done your honour.

  • Good to hear that Court supported the customer. It’s time these so call asian on line shopping websites acted in professional manner and not just think about robbing the customer!

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