50,000 shops to be opened to provide daily-use items at an affordable rate under government’s new plan

Citizens will get loans of Rs.500,000 to set up their retail shops and 1,500 shops will be opened immediately.

Keeping the current condition of Pakistanis in view, the government has made a plan to provide the citizens with jobs and daily-use items to people at an affordable rate. Under this plan, 50,000 retail shops will be opened.

For this plan, Rs. 25 billion have been allocated in the first phase. Citizens will get loans of Rs.500,000 to set up their retail shops and 1,500 shops will be opened immediately.

About 60% of the items to these retail shops will be provided by Utility Stores Corporation (USC), the rest of the goods will be arranged by the shop owners from the open market. If successful, the plan will provide 50,000 jobs.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed to continue the Rs. 7 billion relief package to utility stores till the end of Ramazan. PM was told that the utility stores needed Rs. 10 billion funds, after which he ordered the related authorities to make the needed arrangements for providing resources.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister said his government will announce various ways to reduce the prices of food items for the common man in Tuesday’s meeting. He explained that the concerned government departments had begun doing a brief inquiry about the flour and sugar price hike.

In his tweets, Imran Khan took notice of the difficulties of ordinary people, including the salaried class. He announced a number of measures for giving relief to them.

“I understand the difficulties ordinary people incl salaried class are confronting & have decided, come what may, my govt will be announcing various measures that will be taken to reduce prices of basic food items for the common man in the cabinet on Tuesday,” he tweeted.

“At the same time, all the relevant govt agencies have begun doing an in-depth probe into the flour & sugar price hikes. The nation should rest assured that all those responsible will be held accountable & penalized,” the PM added.

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  • Don’t say future tense like “karonga ” only talk continoues and perfect tense like, I am announcing the relief for poor, I have done this progressive projects.

  • Assalam o alakum,

    Countries run on manufacturing… export…..employment generated from there NOT from shops

  • After disaster in running 79 Utility stores there is mega disaster in waiting with 50,000 wrecks.

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