#SayNoToCyberbullying: Twitter Users From Pakistan Condemn Abuse of Social Media

When on one side social media has increased awareness, provided people with countless opportunities and blessed voices to the voiceless without any discrimination – one can’t certainly turn their face away from the ugly of it as well.

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Social media platforms though offering the best of glitz and glam, have no proper age restrictions which means that minors, who are most vulnerable, can be standing there questioning their self-worth after being subjected to cyber-bullying. As researchers support it, about 34% of the students admit being subjected to online bullying – mind that they ‘admit’, while the actual figures can be far more concerning. The studies also verify that those who are subjected to cyberbullying, are most likely to be the victim offline as well. (Patchin, 2015)

Source: Cyberbullying.org

However, not just a certain age bracket, majority of long-term dedicated social media users have witnessed the transition over the years and are quite upset about how nasty it has become. From being supportive, positive and encouraging towards one another, it has turned into a highly competitive place where people are manipulating it for personal-political interests.

What Is Cyberbullying?
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Almost every social networking site is crowded with defamation, hateful comments and exposing one another – creating a suffocating environment that’s eventually decreasing its charm.

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