Pakistan Street Child Football Team Couldn’t Win The World Cup Final But Won Many Hearts

Even with the lack of facilities and less attention towards the sports on a national level, passionate Pakistani footballers have managed to shine as they bag a silver. Pakistan stood second in Street Child Football World Cup 2018, after losing the final to Uzbekistan. The match concluded in a 1-1 tie, leading to the penalty shootout where Uzbekistan outshined Pakistan by pulling ahead 6-5.

Pakistan secured a position in the final by 5-4 outclassing Indonesia in the semi-final. Earlier in the world cup, Pakistan and Uzbekistan came face to face as well and played a quality match, where it concluded goalless from both sides i.e. 0-0.

National team couldn’t fulfil the dream of winning the tournament but however, won many hearts in the process. Pakistan’s Captain M Abdullah was also named as player of the tournament as well.

Faisal Saleh Hayat, Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s president showed great content with the team’s performance and appreciated their effort. He said that the team gave a remarkably consistent performance throughout the competition and had put up a commendable fight in the final as well.
“Despite final defeat on penalty shootouts, the young Pakistani footballers have won the silver medal and also the hearts of Pakistani nation.” – He said.

Faisal added that the hardworking team, formed and nourished at the hands of Muslim Hands Organization and trained by the coach Abdul Rashid, showed great potential in the final and remained undefeated in the rest of the tournament.

Faisal said that even with the lack of opportunities and resources in the country to facilitate the sport, the talent still exists which is capable of leaving a mark. He assured that PFF is contributing in all its capacity to improve the situation and uplift Football on the national sphere but it isn’t possible unless all segments of the structure do their due part.

“The immediate retaliation of the loss, during the suspension, is not possible but from the grassroots to upper level, all efforts are being made and we are trying to upgrade the entire system’’ – Faisal said.

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