Twitterati Mourns The Death of Pakistani Exchange Student In Santa Fe Shooting – Companions & Friends Share Views

Santa Fe High School Shooting has deeply saddened many hearts while the affected continue to mourn the lost lives and criticize the failure of the authorities to effectively revaluate gun laws.
Among the innocents that fell prey to this barbarity, was Pakistani student Sabika Sheikh as well, who was part of the targeted school on her YES (Youth, Exchange and Study) program.

YES program aims at promoting intercultural harmony and peace. She was among the 75 students who were chosen to spend a year of study abroad and broaden their horizon of knowledge and experience while representing their country.

Unfortunately, the year that was supposed to be full of new experiences and learning for Sabika, ended up taking her life. She was returning home in less than a month and her family was ‘counting days’ to see her after a year apart.
A 17-year-old teenager student killed 9 students and a teacher in Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe, Texas, United States. The incident caused an outrage as people, drenched in sorrow and anger, aggressively call for revisiting the gun laws in America.

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A twitter shared that Pakistan is labelled as a terrorist but she can go back to Pakistan any day while this Pakistani student who was there with the intention of learning will never go back to her home country.
Here is how Twitter community shared their condenses and views on the incident:

Being an exchange student who was there to learn about American community, culture and closely knowing the people, Sabika’s death has invoked a reaction from her class fellows there as well. One of them recalled her first day in Santa Fe, when she wanted to with her because she was so nervous.

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