This Video Shows What Israelis Think Of Palestine And It Is Going To Boil Your Blood

After over 50 years of occupation, facing blockade and struggling for freedom, Gaza’s ordeal is what the world has formed peace with. It can be verified by the fact that the global community is completely insensitive to the crisis even after half of a century has passed by.

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Called the world’s largest open-air prison, Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. The Gaza strip is smaller than the city of Oslo and houses three times as many people. With more than 5000 inhabitants per square kilometre, in 2012 a United Nations report predicted that if nothing is done to ease the blockade, the results will be unbelievable as the population is expected to reach 2.1 million by 2020.


With that, the world is witnessing the worst human rights crisis in Gaza as well. From children to aged, the people never spend a day without fear chilling their bones.
This can be well reflected by 1.9 million people confined in the area, with refused access to better opportunities and safety outside Gaza.
Among these, 7 out of 10 are refugees and are unable to go back to their homes as a consequence of the blockade. So far, 700 children have been killed and the oldest surviving children have witness three wars, killing over 3800 Palestinians.

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These are just the determined numbers while the metal impact extends far beyond it. Reportedly 50% of the children are psychologically traumatized by the war, occupation and blockade. About 300,000 children are in urgent need of psychological help.

70% of the schools run double or triple shifts to accommodate the growing population in limited buildings. According to UNRWA, cuts in donation from the US may lead to the organization being unable to deliver diesel to 275 schools, forcing them to close down if other countries don’t contribute.

Mohamed Shuman playing music near the wreckage of his family’s house, Gaza City, June 2015

42% of the population is unemployed, 84% desperate for urgent humanitarian aid, 41% have little to no food, 7% children suffer the stunted growth and 98% of the groundwater is undrinkable – to provide a glimpse of it. Every single day, Gaza experiences a power outage of 20-22 hours. Presence of electricity for only 2-4 hours a day further adds to the crisis. 45% of people are denied medical facilities outside Gaza.

Source: NRC – Norwegian Refugee Council

‘In October 2017, the World Health Organization reported that only 55 percent of the applications to leave Gaza for medical treatment were granted.’


QUDS News Network worked to bring forward that how the crisis that is enough to move any human regardless of religious and national origin, is affecting a common Israeli man.

Captioned: #Watch Israeli occupiers answering questions about what they should do with the indigenous Palestinian people they have robbed, murdered and dispossessed of their land!

Here are the responses they were able to record:

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