Malala Posting Pictures Of Allegedly Celebrating ‘Holi’ Right After Sabika’s Murder Causes Social Media Outrage

The social media turned fierce once again in the holy month of Ramadan and the reason, to no surprise, was Malala Yousafzai once again. Being previously criticized by her ‘’objectionable’’ dressing at Oxford University and receiving unfiltered hate, Malala has again found herself receiving the similar natured comments after she uploaded her picture with the caption ‘A colourful day’ – which people perceived is her picture celebrating ‘Holi’.
She was seen celebrating Holi with her university mates a few months ago, however, uploaded the debated and controversial pictures yesterday.

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Her tweet was crowded with comments of her being called an agent, criticizing her choices and of course teaching her about ‘sharm o hayaa’. But, some people and maybe most of us deep down are disappointed by her silence on Sabika Shiekh’s murder. The young exchange student Sabika was killed in Santa Fe high school shooting after a teenager attacked the school murdering people in Santa Fe, Texas, UK.

Many people took this opportunity to call her out on her silence on Sabika’s murder, white terrorism and in fact issues concerning Pakistani society. More than the picture, the timing that was coincidental when the nation was mourning the exchange student’s death and her insensitivity towards the issue keeping in view the kind of influence she has across the world triggered people many people.

Here is how people responded to her pictures:

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