History Book Banned By PCTB For Having ‘Anti-Pakistan’ Content – Students Reject Allegations, Condemn The Ban

Nigel Kelly’s book ‘The History and Culture of Pakistan’ has been banned by PCTB (The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board) for having anti-state and anti-national content. The book was a part of O-level Pakistan Studies Syllabus and was being used as a reading material by the Cambridge Board students.

Though it is still unknown that which part of the book is objectionable that lead to the ban, the initial details reveal that anti-Pakistan sentiments were being induced in the students through its content. The book included disputable matter against Pakistan Army with regards to East India Tragedy.

A circular pertaining to banning the book was issued and then sent to all four provinces along with secretary schools by the Managing Director of PCTB, Abdul Qayum. The letter said that the book contained controversial and objectionable material. The letter further stated that the book is unapproved for study in educational institutions under Section 10 of Punjab Curriculum and Text Board Act 2015.

“The book must not be used as the textbook, supplementary reading material, reference book or guide book etc. at any level. It is to be treated as most important/urgent & strict compliance be ensured’’ – the notification read (Source: The News)
A case was also registered against the publisher, Peak Publishing, with Garden Town police by PCTB’s Deputy Director Akhtar Butt.

After the news went viral, the number of social media users and former students who have studied the book as part of their curriculum defended the book. They said that the allegations are baseless and the history book is one of the most unbiased books on Pakistan Studies. They said that not only is the book well-written and provides a continuous flow of information, it states facts rather than influenced details. Here is how they reacted to the news:

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