VIDEO: See What Happened When These Non-Muslims Tried Fasting For One Day

With the change in the overall societal perceptions and increased tolerance towards each other, Islam is finding its comfortable place in multi-cultural societies as well.

Rejecting Islamophobia and stigmatization of the entire religion with the label of terrorism, the global community seems to embrace and acknowledge its pluralistic nature more than before. Being generally more accepting towards the Muslim community and respecting their beliefs, people belonging to different religious origins have shown their compassion by taking part in their events as well.

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Towards the end of the video, they sent a very important lesson saying that fasting is hard for those who are doing it without any purpose in mind. While Muslims all over the world are able to fulfil this duty in challenging physical conditions and severe weather because they have a purpose in mind, i.e. to please The Almighty and gain spiritual pacification.

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