40% Decline In Donations To Edhi Foundation Is Rather Concerning

Synonymous with kindness and empathy, the world’s richest poor man Abdul Sattar Edhi has re-written the chapter of mercy for Pakistan. Being celebrated as nothing less than a national hero, Edhi has put forth an example of how God has blessed every human being with a precious gift of kindness, however, only a few like him have made it their strength and embraced it.

But, Pakistan’s largest humanitarian and philanthropic organization is now in financial crisis. After the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi, the organization is facing a significant decline in the flow of national and international donations. Faisal Edhi, son of late humanitarian, says that the decline seems to be growing.

‘’It is certain that Abdul Sattar Edhi did a superb job in handling the organization and managing its financial affairs. He founded this organization to help everyone. After his death, individual zakat contributions and other donations have gone down by 40% both at national and international level’’

An official at Edhi foundation, Anwar Kazmi said that the decrease is rather concerning and the collections made in 2017 were not even enough to cover necessary expenses. The officials say that Edhi foundation is determined at expanding their network of services but the change in priorities of the donors has made it difficult to carry out the job. Back in October, 120 modern ambulances equipped with innovative technologies were in the process of importation from China. Each ambulance costing around 1.5 million.

‘’They will improve the existing coverage we provide to the patients in all cities.’’ – Official added.
”It is natural that people are shocked over the death of late Abdul Sattar Edhi’’ – Kazmi said. He also said that he is hopeful things will improve gradually over time.

Though a number of campaigns are on-going featuring many celebrities as well to collect donations and help the foundation, being a citizen we must contribute in our capacity as well to keep the mission of our hero alive.

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