Do We Accept Injustices? A Responsible Pakistani Citizen Sets An Example Of How Our Efforts Can Make A Difference

Often times we all collectively complaint that the institutions have become sluggish in delivering and over time have worn out due to inefficiency but – are we performing our due responsibility on a personal level? Or have we simply surrendered to the injustices around us?

With these introspective and self-reflecting questions, a responsible Pakistani citizen shares his story of how his minor effort ended up making a significant change. The story was shared on many platforms including The Logical Pakistani, a facebook page dedicated to celebrating the unsung heroes.

User shares that he was travelling to Bahawalnagar from Lahore on Niazi Bus. The bus was crowded and there was a sudden rise in fares as it is the time people head back to their hometowns to celebrate Eid. He says that due to the increase in charges, the passengers were charged Rs 650 as compared to original Rs 550.

The quality of the service was objectionable as the bus was old and air conditioning was low quality but apart from that, the affairs were badly managed and it took a good two hours to even leave the city for the desired destination.

He shares that he could hear rest of the passengers talking about the uncomforting journey and being dissatisfied but none of them dared to question.
After gathering courage and deciding not to stay silent, he called Motorway Police Helpline and submitted the complaint. Motorway police depicted excellent sense of responsibility and by taking prompt action, stopped the bus at PhoolNagar Bypass and direct the conductor to pay back the additional fare and laid a challan as well.

He shared that after that, he was lauded and appreciated by the fellow passengers. He concluded by saying that most times, injustice is served to us because we have formed a consensus with it and we continue to surrender. Bravo to this brave citizen for taking a stand for himself and others!

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