What Do Female Cab Drivers Face Everyday? Know Their Experiences Here

Women in Pakistan have struggled a long time to claim equal opportunities and right to a better living. Among all the spheres that discriminated men and women in the name of societal labels, stepping out of her home for the sake of better future for her families is a fight beyond imagination.

Being denied equal pay to their male counterparts, completely unacceptability in certain roles and restricting opportunities to facing sexual harassment at every step – a working woman has to face hurdles at every step.

With the recent wave of discussion on the topic in the country, more attention was invested in the area, giving these women recognition that they deserve. To break stereotypes and numb the stigmas, popular cab services Uber and Careem took a commendable decision to start employing female captions as well so that they can earn a respectable and sustainable income for themselves. Many brave women took the opportunity and stepped out of their comfort zone to avail it.

But does it solve all the problems? Does putting women in the non-contemporary roles changes our attitude towards them as well?

Unfortunately, no. A Facebook user named Naveed Qamar shared his experience of travelling with a female Uber driver. He said when a female picked up the call, he was quite sceptical at first but was comfortable after a while. Naveed said that she was a great and responsible driver and well-worthy of the job but what she shared next unsettled him.

Finding him among a few gentlemen who showed her respect, she shared that she has to face harassment at the hands of male passengers every day. She further said that the customers call her late at night and she has to block their numbers. Here is what Naveed shared about her experience:

We have taken a progressive step forward by giving women opportunities but we must also respect their role the same as well.

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