Pakistan Army’s Team Wins International Pace Sticking Competition At Royal Military Academy

Another achievement unlocked, another honour brought home: Pakistan Army team wins International Pace Sticking Competition 2018 held at Royal Military Academy (RMA), Sandhurst, United Kingdom.

A Pace Sticking team consists of 4 people each – one is the driver while other three are the pace stickers. The competition was held at the reputed and prestigious RMA on 14th June. Total 18 teams participated in the competition – 10 teams from the UK, 4 teams belonging to Bahrain, two teams representing Oman and one team from Jordan and Pakistan each.

There were also seven from the British Army. To name a few, RMAS, Honourable Artillery Company, Army Training Centre Pirbright, 1st Battalion Scots Guards and 1st Battalion Welsh Guards competed in the competition.

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The competition was held on parade square in front of the steps of Old College. In each team, the driver delivers the words of commands while the other team members are supposed to follow it depicting unity and uniformity.

Over the course of the competition, the teams marched in slow and quick time whilst alternating turning the stick with the left or right hand. The core objective of the pace stick drill is to provide uniformity in the use of stick and high standard of steadiness the depiction of cohesion among the instructors.

The Government of Pakistan congratulated the Pakistan Military Academy’s (PMA) team on this massive achievement.



This isn’t the only prominent international platform where Pakistan Army has proudly represented the country. Just recently, a cadet won shooting competition in Germany, dominating 45 countries. A Pakistani cadet Sheroze Shahid also topped his training at Royal Military Academy and was declared the best overseas cadet among trainees from all international countries.

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