Fahad Mustafa Under Criticism For Ridiculing A Young Girl During Jeeto Pakistan

Fahad Mustafa – a big name of drama and film industry of Pakistan – is even more significantly known for his game show now.
Jeeto Pakistan is Pakistan’s biggest game show with massive ratings and great viewership. With hundreds of prizes being distributed among the audience in each episode, the show takes pride in dispensing happiness. However, what has repeatedly come under criticism is what the audience has to pay as a price for these gifts.

Ridiculing, offensive comments and body shaming, all come as a cost of being a part of these game shows. Still enjoying sky-rocketing ratings throughout Ramazan, Jeeto Pakistan, however, came under fierce criticism for insulting a young girl during his 14 June’s episode.

A young fan drew a sketch of Fahad Mustafa and gave it to him. Unimpressed by it, Fahad said “Itna bura dikhta hun mein? (Do I look this bad?)”. He asked the girl to improve her drawing while asking his 7 years old daughter to tell her to never draw again.

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Though it was nothing new on his show as comments like these keeping making rounds on his shows, a Facebook user Anum Kausar took to social media to express her concerns. She expressed how disappointed she was in the choice of his words and how the comments can be absolutely confidence shattering for the young girl. Here is what Anum had to say:

Following her, other people also shared similar thoughts on the episode.

Facing the social media backlash, Fahad responded in another episode saying he doesn’t use Facebook much often but the matter has been brought in his notice.

“I’m not active on Facebook. But I’ve come to know that when yesterday I asked the girl to improve her drawing, someone became offended. Everyone in Pakistan should stop being offended and start being blissful. That’s how we talk to children, that’s how I talk to my children. Please applause for the girl.” (Source: Tribune)


Is the explanation good enough? We leave it to you to decide!

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