Another Young Life Taken By Pakistan’s Immoral Doctors – Will They Ever Be Held Accountable?

The medical profession is viewed as most sacred and respectable professions by societal perspective as well as religious. Almighty at countless occasions referred to himself as ‘the one who heals’ and expressed pride in it. Prophets were blessed with the healing power which was regarded as a ‘miracle’. The Muslims have further taken on the legacy and gave the profession-specific concentration which explains their revolutionary contributions to medieval medicine.

But unfortunately, the profession and the trust people put in them is being manipulated every single day in Pakistan for a few coins. The number of cases are countless – each being worse than the other in nature but this particular one has recently angered people and broke their hearts for so many reasons.

Eid is a festival of celebration which is prepared for with great enthusiasm and celebratory spirit. When everyone was dressing up in new clothes, a family was preparing for a funeral of their child. The pain of losing a loved one is absolutely shattering but if one feels that it was preventable – it initiates a destructive suffering of the feeling of loss and regrets intermingled together.

Khizra Fatima shares how her only brother lost his life due to the insensitivity, negligence and immorality of the doctors. Her young brother Anib fell on the ground without the support of his hands. Severely wounded, helplessly bleeding and crying in pain – the family took from one reputed hospital to another begging for help. But their child lost his life in front of their eyes while they were tangled and twisted in long hospital bills.

The height of irresponsibility can be reflected by the fact that he was referred to as ‘baby girl’ on the hospital documents and written that he was lying comfortably on the bed while he was rolling in pain.

While the medical staff was so selfishly occupied with making extra money on Eid, a family was left devastated forever. But – will they ever be held accountable? Unfortunately, no.

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