Picture Of A PIA Flight Commanded By Women Goes Viral – Social Media Community Appreciates

Pakistani women have broken stereotypes and made a mark with their unconventional roles. The fields that were orthodoxically perceived as male dominant or tasks that were staunchly believed that one specific gender can perform better than the other are now stamped by feminine footprints.

A picture of two female pilots PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) who flew a flight to Gilgit has gone viral on the social media for all the right reasons. These two dutiful, absolutely courageous and brave pilots are literal embodiment of women empowerment in Pakistan that we have long waited to see.

First Officer Shumaila Mazhar confirmed to the local news channels that Captain Maryam Masood and her all-female crew flew the PIA plane from Islamabad to Gilgit and back on Wednesday.

“The flight to Gilgit is very challenging and requires a lot of precision and technique’’ – PIA said on Twitter.

“Our dynamic duo, Captain Maryam Masood and First Officer Shumaila Mazhar make it look so easy as they fly through the mountains celebrating the beauty of our northern areas! Way to go!” – The national carrier shared a picture of both the brave pilots with appreciative remarks.

This is not the first time a PIA flight that has been commanded entirely by only women.
“Maryam Masood is one of the best captains we have on board.” – The first officer Shumaila Mazhar was all praise for her Captain.

Not just the organization itself, the people also fervently lauded them and appreciated the effort by the prestigious PIA to bridge the gender gap. These women are definitely leading by example and are an accurate personification of female leadership capabilities and calibre. More organizations should step forward and encourage revolutionary steps like these so that women can also be turned into a productive segment of the society as well.

Her he how the internet community appreciated the incredibly talented duo:






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