586 women, majority of them from Hindu community, committed suicide in Sindh in last five years

According to a report revealed by the Sindh police ,out of 1287 people, 586 females committed suicide during the last five years.


According to a report revealed by the Sindh police, out of 1287 people, 586 females committed suicide during the last five years.

The data was compiled for a study on suicides in Sindh.

Overall statistics

Total Number of Muslims681
Total Number of Non-Muslims606
Time DurationJan 1, 2014 to June 30, 2019
People Aged between 21 and 40702


Speaking to a source, the Inspector General of Police, Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam said the newly formed research department of the police carried out the study.

The IGP said that the purpose of the research was to identify the triggers behind the growing incidents of suicide.

The IGP pointed out that the police had acknowledged the matter and launched proper research, particularly in lower Sindh,  where the rate of suicides had become a cause of concern.

Statistics with respect to studies

Mirpurkhas range/division
Number of Females356
Number of Males290
Aged between 21 and 40 years324
Number of Muslims197
Number of Hindus449


 Hyderabad division
Number of Females116
Number of Males183
Aged between 21 and 40 years191
Number of Muslims187
Number of Hindus112


 Shaheed Benazirabad range
Number of Females75
Number of Males106
Aged between 21 and 40 years91
Number of Muslims130
Number of Hindus42


 Karachi range
Number of Females25
Number of Males82
Aged between 21 and 40 years68


 Larkana range
Number of Females12
Number of Males36
Aged between 21 and 40 years25
Number of Muslims47
Number of Hindus1


Number of Females2
Number of Males4
Aged between 21 and 40 years3
Number of Muslims5
Number of Hindus1


According to the study, these were the following methods used by people to end their lives

  • Hanging
  • Administering poison (drinking pesticides)
  • Drowning (jumping into a well)
  • Self-immolation
  • Fenestration (jumping from high places)
  • Gunshot and sharp blade/knife

Major reasons behind suicide


  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Falling socio-economic status
  • Marital issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Addiction to drugs and psychological issues

The study suggested ‘reforms’ to properly analyze and inspect suicide cases reported under Section 174 of the criminal procedure code.

The study also suggested that the government to initiate poverty alleviation programs.

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