How The Entire Police Department Came Together To Celebrate Wedding Of Shaheed Police Constable’s Daughter Will Warm Your Heart!

Pakistan’s police department has always met harsh criticism due to lack of vigilance and organizational structure however even the positives of the profession are dimmed down due to lack of media coverage.

However, we are celebrating a beautiful gesture by the department today that not only sets an example of crediting their shaheeds but also presents a unique picture of Police, contrary of what regularly meets our eye.

Most popular Pakistani on Quora, Police-constable Neman Ashraf has gained an immense following due to his unique approach and intellect. Having over 53000 followers, Neman’s writings despite his low-income job and low education can warm any heart, any day!

Speaking on world’s most popular question/answer platform where monthly 200 million unique visitors turn to on monthly basis for gaining and sharing knowledge, Neman shared an extremely beautiful story. Answering the question ‘What made you feel proud today?’ –  Neman shared about Police Constable Afraiz Khan, who was martyred years ago.

He says that after Afraiz’s death, his widow raised his children in extreme financial constraints with a limited pension which is a struggle he can imagine well. Now when the time came of his elder daughter to be married, the family contacted the department for little financial that could or could not be accepted. But the department did something unique this time to honour their slain hero.

Not only full expenses of the ceremony were paid for the entire occasion, including the meal and catering, but also the police personnel’s attended the wedding, including the district commander.

It doesn’t end here! The groom received the surprise of his life upon his arrival. Guess what? THIS.

Cops were lined up, with flower petals in their hands, to welcome the groom. 

District Police Officer personally greeted the groom.

And later also met the bride to extend his best wishes for her future life. He also thanked her and her family on behalf of the department for her father’s immortal services.

On the departure, a police pilot led the couple’s ride while the squad followed. The entire town gathered to witness the special protocol, which as Neman says, is only provided to ministers.

This heart-warming gesture deserves all the appreciation. We pray that just like this entire ceremony, the couple’s future life is as beautiful as well.

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