Hamza Ali Abbasi Wins Hearts As A Unique Aspect Of His Social Work Comes To Public Knowledge

The tabooed and stigmatized Heera Mandi – that most of us know of but feel uncomfortable to speak of – is a clear example of how brothel culture exists in our society. Despite being labeled as illegal, it exists so acutely but we completely denied its existence. The refutation has left those who are part of this network with no choice than to stay where they are even if they want to escape.

The fate of the kids of these sex workers only translates to struggle. Longing for necessities, desperate for help and craving belongingness, these kids are often left stranded in the ‘highly moral’ system of the society with no acceptance.

But still, there are people who are able to see beyond these societal demarcations and believe in humanity. Not only are they vocal about their beliefs, their conduct and behavior quite accurately depict it as well. Hamza Ali Abbasi has always been quite controversial with his opinions fluctuating between popular and unpopular reactions, but his effort towards serving humanity in a way that many of us can’t even think of has won respect.



In a recent episode of ‘Mahaz’ with Wajahat Syed Khan where Abbasi was invited as the guest, social working aspect of Hamza’s personality was revealed. It came to public knowledge that Hamza is sponsoring kids of sex workers in Heera Mandi, Lahore whom no one has claimed as their own. He took Wajahat to visit these kids where he spoke a bit about his service towards humanity and Pakistan.

“I have been sponsoring kids of sex workers for few years and I know that Allah says to not boast about the charity work which one does but sometimes it is good to tell people so they become educated about this as this is an ignored area where no one comes, no charity nor any NGO. These kids are abandoned” – Abbasi said.


He also revealed that whenever somebody asks him about his marriage he says that he already has kids – referring to the 11 kids he has adopted. His absolutely brave and unique effort sets an example for us to follow.


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