Here are the top 6 best selling bikes of Pakistan 2022

Here's the hottest selling list!

Pakistanis are extremely fond of motorbikes due to their affordability, ease of usage, easy maintenance, and good fuel average. Almost every household in Pakistan features a motorbike to commute around the city. However, choosing the best bike in all the options available is a tough decision.

Here is a list of best selling bikes in Pakistan you can purchase to enjoy the many perks this form of travel offers: 

1. Road Prince RP70

Road Prince RP-70 is one of the best-selling bikes in Pakistan, and it belongs to the ‘China 70’ category of motorbikes which involves motorcycles from Chinese companies. The motorbike directly competes with Honda CD-70, however, at a significantly lower price though. Furthermore, the Road Prince RP-70 offers the same functions CD-70 with minor changes to the design, such as the dashboard and headlights.

2. Honda CG125

The Honda CG-125 is referred to as the big brother of the CD-70 and offers extra comfort and a bigger 125cc engine over the CD-70. The Honda CG-125 brings a mileage of 30+ KM/L to the user with a tank capacity of 9.2 liters. The motorbike is one of the best-selling bikes in Pakistan for its durability on a limited budget.

3. Yamaha YBR125

The Yamaha YBR125 has gained massive popularity since it first launched in the country a few years ago because of its trendy and sporty design compared to the already available options like the CD-70 and CG-125. The Yamaha YBR125 became of the best-selling bikes in Pakistan over a short period because of the design, features, and reliability of the motorbike, which made self-start a common feature as before. This was considered a rare function in a bike.

The motorbike comes with a 125cc engine like the CG-125 and offers a fuel mileage of 40+ KM/L with its 13-liter fuel tank. The Yamaha YBR125 is also extremely comfortable when compared with the Honda CG-125, which is sometimes known as a vibration machine and offers better road grip as well.

4. United US70

The United US-70 also falls into the ‘China 70’ category of motorbikes and competes with the Honda CD-70 and the Road Prince RP-70 while offering similar features and design. The United US-70 also ranks as one of the best-selling bikes in Pakistan alongside Road Prince.

5. Honda CD70

Honda CD-70 remains the best-selling bike in Pakistan because of the affordability, maintenance, and reliability it offers to its customers. The motorbike also has one of the best resale values in the country, so it isn’t hard for the owner to sell it when getting a newer model. The Honda CD-70 also offers an amazing fuel average of 45+ KM/L, a plus point for its sales.

6. Suzuki GD 110S

The Suzuki GD-110S is also one of the best-sellers in Pakistan for its reliability and durability. However, the motorbike is nowhere near as popular as its competition, which involves Atlas Honda with its CG-125. The Suzuki GD-110S offers several features over the competition, like a self-start function. However, it bears mentioning that the motorbike is more expensive than its competition.

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