6 Duas for Ramadan that you should recite regularly for health and success [Arabic and Translation]

Make the most out of the month of blessings!

Duas for the month of Ramadan.

After a long year of highs and lows, the month of blessing, Ramadan, now approaches us. The believers needed this union with duas for Ramadan to nourish their faith and seek forgiveness for past sins. The beauty of this month of forgiveness and repentance can be highlighted in this hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah r.a:

Allah s.w.t sends down His mercy in Ramadan manifested into His forgiveness, multiplied rewards, acceptance, and other blessings. The believers are urged to strive hard to avoid sins and continually seek repentance by increasing their worships to bask in the bounties of Ramadan fully.

To help you attain the full blessings of this month, we bring you supplications and prayers for aid and acceptance. These prayers and their translations will help you connect with the Divine by guiding you to understand, internalize, and immerse yourselves in the spiritual experience of this sacred month.

How to pray in the month of Ramadan?

Here are six duas for Ramadan to recite regularly for health and success:

1. Ramadan Dua for the Day and the Night

Our scholars have encouraged us to read the above supplication by the following Hadith:

2. Ramadan Dua when breaking the Fast

One should avoid being too excited about feasts and be conscious of Allah s.w.t who has promised to send down blessings for the ones observing fast. The mindfulness can be exhibited by making heartfelt prayers. The Prophet p.b.u.h. mentioned in a hadith narrated by Ibn Majah:

“Indeed, the prayer of the fasting person during his break is not rejected.”

3. Ramadan Dua after Tarawih Prayers

4. Ramadan Dua after Witr Prayers

5. Ramadan Dua for seeking Lailatul-Qadr (Night of Power)

In a hadith narrated by Al-Imam At-Tirmizi, the Prophet s.a.w encouraged his wife Aisyah r.a. to read the supplication mentioned above if one were to meet Lailatul Qadar (the night that is better than a thousand months). Every believer is encouraged to recite the above supplication repeatedly every night of the month of Ramadan, as the exact night of Lailatul-Qadar remains Allah’s secret.

6. Ramadan Dua after daily Congregational Prayers

Beautiful duas for the month of Ramadan.

The Etiquettes of Supplication

Start by seeking forgiveness before anything else (repentance). Invoke the name of Allah s.w.t. with humility, demonstrating deprivation and an utter sense of need. Allah s.w.t. mentioned in the Quran:

Hopefully, this list of supplications will benefit you and your loved ones when seeking to attain the spiritual gems in this blessed month. May Allah s.w.t. accept our worship acts in this holy month of Ramadan and help us become better Muslims. Ameen.

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  • The references should be provided with each and every dua from the Hadith. Please provide the references of 4 and 5th dua that are mentioned above.

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