6 Islamic Texts Encouraging Hard Work, Trade and Business

Islam — truly a way of life.

Premium Photo | Islamic man praying muslim prayer in twilight timeIslam is not only limited to mosques or religious scholars. Instead, it is a way of life for the true success of all humanity.

Unfortunately, many people have drifted away from Islam’s teachings, making judgments based upon their socio-cultural patterns and personal desires.

Doing business and earning a living is part of a human being’s existence on this planet.

Therefore, unlike what people might assume otherwise, Islam encourages Muslims to work hard, be sincere and truthful, and excel in business transactions.

Here are six of many references from Islamic sources that encourages us to do these things:

1.) The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The truthful, trustworthy merchant is with the Prophets (AS); the truthful; and the martyrs.” [Tirmidhi, 1209 who said this is a Hasan (good) Hadith]

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2.) Abdullah ibn Abbas (RA) is reported to have said: Adam (AS) was a plowman, Nuh (AS) was a carpenter, Idris (AS) was a tailor, Dawood (AS) was a manufacturer (of iron shields), Musa (AS) was a shepherd, Ibrahim (AS) was a farmer, Saleh (AS) was a merchant.”

[Al-Haakim narrated this in ‘Al-Mustadrak’ (4130). However, the chain of this hadith is weak].

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3.) The Prophet (PBUH) used to send people in groups, and among one of these groups, there was a companion whom his associates used to praise highly, and they said: “O Messenger of Allah! When we used to halt, he prayed, and if we were on the road, he used to recite.”

The Prophet (PBUH) asked: “And who used to provide the food of his camel?”

They answered: “We did.”

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “All of you are better than him.”

[Abu Dawud in his ‘Marasil,’ 306 – Ibn Hajar said this is a good Mursal narration]

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4.) The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The Prophet of Allah, Dawood (AS), used to eat from the earnings of his manual labor.” (Note: even though he was a king). [Sahih Bukhari, 2072].

It is reported from some of the scholars of the three early generations that Prophet Dawood (AS) used to give a Khutbah on the mimbar and weave palm leaves at the same time, which he would sell.

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5.) The polytheists used to say: How can we follow a human being like us – who eats and walks in the markets?

Then Allah (SWT) revealed in the Noble Qur’an: “Every messenger we ever sent before you ate food and walked in the markets.” [Qur’an 25:20].

Scholar Ibn Kathir says in the interpretation of this verse: “And they walked in the markets, i.e., to seek trade and earn a living.”

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6.) The Mother of the Believers, Aisha (RA), said: “The companions of Allah’s Apostle used to practice manual labor.” [Sahih Bukhari, 2071].

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