6 Pakistani Dramas That Are Way Too ‘Inspired’ From Bollywood

Well, that is bit of a surprise!

The Pakistani drama industry has added to a remarkable history in the subcontinent. It all started with classical dramas that had a great message to deliver and yet knew how to hook the audience.

The effort of intelligent writers and talented actors was even loved in our neighboring country, India. The reason for this unparalleled popularity is that these dramas highlighted the realities of life and connected with regular people.

However, some of the drama writers resorted to an easy way out and straight away copied Bollywood content. Several Pakistani dramas depict a little tweaked baseline from Bollywood movies. 

Here is a list of Pakistani dramas that are a blatant copy of Bollywood movies

Noor ul Ain

The drama, written by Edison Idrees Masih, aired on ARY Digital in 2018. It did not take much time for the audience to figure out that the whole drama was a sheer copy of Bollywood’s super hit movie Saathiya, which released back in 2002. Although the writer tried to fool the audience by adding a character of negative Chachi, but that was of no help. 

Dil Banjara

Faiza Iftikhar’s drama serial Dil Banjara aired on Hum TV in 2016. The entire plot was a copy of everyone’s favorite Bollywood movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayeinge (1995). The writer did try to twist the story a little by showing a different angle, but that did not conceal the striking resemblance between the two stories.


The drama, written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, aired on ARY Digital in 2019. Although the drama did well in terms of popularity, however, as the promos rolled out, it was quite evident that the story of the drama fell around Bollywood’s classic Damini (1993). Despite a little change in the story, people knew that the story was lifted from Damini. 

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida

Abdul Khaliq Khan’s famous drama serial Mohabbat Tujhe Alivda is all set to air on Hum TV on June the 15th 2020. Even before the release of the drama, mere promos were enough for the people to recognize that the drama is a blatant copy of Bollywood’s super hit movie Judaai (1997). The film has been widely watched and appreciated, and therefore it is a bad idea to come up with a dramatized version of the same plot.


The Pakistan drama serial Izteraab, written by Amna Mufti and released in 2014, was lifted from the famous Bollywood film We Are Family. The plot of the drama falls around the exact story portrayed in the movie. However, the movie We Are Family was itself a copy of the Hollywood movie Stepmom.

Koi Nahi Apna

The drama serial Koi Nahi Apna was written and created by Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa and his wife Sana Fahad, which aired on ARY Digital back in 2014. The story of a separated family where a single father takes care of the child single-handedly was a blatant copy of Bollywood’s movie Akele Hum Akele Tum (1995).

  • and akele hum akele run was a copy of Kramer vs Kramer.

    Shame on Pak writers for following India’s lead of being blatant copycats.

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