The 6-year-old Boy Who Caught Wasim Akram’s Attention Gets Training From The Veteran Himself

Dreams do come true – and they actually became a reality for a 6 and a half-year-old young boy from Chicha Watni.
If you missed out on it, the video of a young, aspiring, cricket enthusiast went viral across social media where he showcases his mind-blowing swing bowling skills.

Pakistan couldn’t help appreciate it and were pleasantly surprised by the talent this kid possessed at such a tender age. It also caught the attention of Pakistan’s cricketing legend Wasim Akram who took to twitter saying, ‘’Where is this boy???’’ and also saying that the nation has great talent and with concentration, training and by providing them with opportunities, it can be nurtured into something great.

Well, today the kid named Hassan Akhtar got the privilege of meeting the icon Wasim Akram himself. Not just that, but he also got a private coaching lesson from him at the national cricket academy. Akram posted the pictures of this special training on social media, making the cricket lovers inside Pakistan and across the globe really content.

He expressed that he was quite pleasantly shocked that the boy already knew the intricate details and was well-trained. He said that Hassan perfectly knew how to grip the ball for out-swing and in-swing. Wasim further appreciated his passion by saying that he was listening and learning with full concentration. He also suggested him to not only keep working hard for his passion but also finishing his education along the way when the time comes Hassan will be trained to play for Pakistan.

Hassan idealizes Wasim Akram as his inspiration. He watches his videos on YouTube daily and practices for four hours.

This story tells a lot about the limitless talent flowing throughout this country in all kinds of spheres and professions. The talent of such unsung heroes go unnoticed every day but when refined and moulded the right way, it can be fostered into something worth watching.

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