Pattoki: After 60 years of marriage, woman moves court asking dowry back from her 100-year-old husband

In a case, first of its nature, woman has moved Lahore Family Court claiming her dowry back from her husband after 60 years of marriage.

In a case, probably first of its nature, a woman has moved court claiming her dowry back from her 100-year-old husband. According to the details, the couple got married 60 years ago in Punjab’s Pattoki.

The judge was quite surprised when he saw 100-year-old Ismail walking through the court-room with the help of a walking stick. The case made it to media on Tuesday, when Lahore Family Court summoned Ismail and he appeared in the court along with 85-year-old Yahya as a witness.

The complainant, 95-year-old Taj Bibi, said that she married Ismail in 1960 but he forced her to leave his home only a few years after their marriage. She claimed that though her husband remarried, he did not divorce her.

She said that because she could not give birth, he remarried a few years after their marriage. However, she only gave him permission to do so after putting forth some demands. 

In her application, Taj Bibi claimed that he permitted Ismail for second marriage on three terms: if he agrees to pay for her hajj, if he agrees to pay for her monthly expenses and if he transfers 50% of the land on which their house was built to her name.

She said that although he formally agreed to her demands on a stamp paper, he did not fulfil them. Soon after he remarried, his second wife started to subject her to physical assault and then forced her to leave the house.

Taj, who now is living with her brother’s son and runs a small shop, says that her parents gave her everything she needed in dowry but Ismail did not return them even after forcing her out of the house. She said that now in the latter part of her life, Ismail should at least give her the land he promised so that she can make her ends meet.

On the other hand, Ismail and his family nullifies her claims and says she left the house herself after 5 years of marriage. Ismail’s lawyer says that the list of dowry items, which Taj submitted in the court, did not even exist back in 1960.

The court was adjourned until the next hearing. Both Ismail and Taj have been asked to appear with proofs and witnesses.

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