75000 doctors with expired registrations are working in Pakistan

A parliamentary panel has been informed on Monday that 75000 doctors in Pakistan are working with expired registrations. The revelations were made in a meeting Sub-Committee on National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination that was held under the Convenership of Senator Dr Ashok Kumar.

The meeting was attended by Senator Sardar Muhammad Shafiq Tareen, Senator Kulsoom Parveen, Senator Dr Asad Ashraf along with senior officials from Regulation and Coordination, National Health Services, PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council) and DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan).

The meeting was focused on addressing the public health crisis in Pakistan and deteriorating quality of services. It talked about probing the issue of fake medical practitioners, production and sale of substandard medicines and unregistered (with PMDC) doctors working in Pakistan.

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The committee was informed that 75000 doctors in Pakistan are working with expired licenses. It must be taken into perspective that to improve the quality of health services, it is imperative that all the doctors are registered with PMDC and their academic credentials are investigated.

Talking on the issue of substandard or low-quality medicines, the committee was informed that out of 889 pharmaceutical factories, 647 are in functioning condition. But what is more concerning is that there are 22 officers to monitor the these factories. The committee directed DRAP to establish more laboratories to investigate and test the quality of medicines. SOPs will also be developed to improve DRAP’s performance.
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