8 Year Old Madrassa Student Lynched To Death In Delhi

A minor madrassa student has been lynched to death in South Delhi, as media sources report.

Mohammad Azeem was an eight-year-old student of a residential madrassa in Shivalik, Malviya Nagar in the heart of South Delhi. After a fight broke out between two groups, Azeem was brutally beaten and brought to the hospital, where he was declared dead upon arrival.

His grief-stricken parents came from their village in Mewat and were waiting for their son’s body to be brought back after postmortem. The police has apprehended four minor boys, who are allegedly involved in the incident. The police has claimed it to be a scuffle between two groups which later turned violent, however, the locals have complained of the rising tensions in the area and said that madrassa boys are often targeted here by the local residents.

The madrassa teachers complain that they have been attacked by the people living there in the past as well. Liquor bottles have been thrown into madrassa compounds and students are repeatedly harassed and tortured in fear. Another madrassa teacher also said that while Azeem was laying there, helpless, struggling to breathe – a woman said that more such cases will take place. The woman, however, was not identified.

The activists from United Against Hate Organization, an initiative fighting hate and bigotry in India, were the first ones to reach out to the affected madrassa students. They said that some students living in the hostel were playing outside when some young boys from outside came and interfered, resulting in an ugly fight that claimed Azeem’s life.

Cases of lynching have become a repetitive sight in India. A few months back, images went viral on social media where a mob was dragging dead body of a Muslim man, later identified as Qasim, in the presence of police officers on suspicion of cow slaughter. Qasim later succumbed to his wounds.

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