Eight Years Old Singer Is Pakistan’s New Sweetheart – For All The Right Reasons

Arts and music, though a talent ignored and a career option very few would actually ‘recognise’, has found its ground in Pakistan. It is safe to say that Pakistan has a plethora of raw talent, which with a bit of correct guidance, platform and opportunity, can take the country’s music industry to new heights.

One such hidden gem was discovered by producer Nescafe Basement Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi. The first episode of the Nescafé Basement Season has made the entire country obsessed with this 8 years old girl. Syeda Hadia Hashmi is already being dubbed as Pakistan’s future Abida Parvene due to her incredibly powerful vocals and talent that far exceeds her age.

Her first track, Bol Hu, had a mystical and Sufi vibe, and the entire song had undoubtedly reminded us of country’s remarkable asset and Sufi sensation Abida Parveen. Hadia stunned everyone with how well she handled the composition alongside Adnan Dhool. The soul searching, captivating and moving track is a masterpiece in itself but the way an eight years old, fifth grader, has performed it has left the entire country in awe.

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Needless to say, Hadia Hashmi has become country’s new sweetheart and people can’t help but notice her strong vocals topped with confidence. Here is what the people have to say about her:

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