‘800 acid attacks in London went unnoticed while Chinoy won Oscar for few cases reported in Pakistan’, DG Rangers Sindh

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The Director-General Sindh Rangers, Major General Iftikhar Hassan Chaudhary, criticized the international media for showing a bad image of Pakistan.

Speaking at an event in Dow University, the director-general said, “If Islamophobic incidents like what recently happened in Canada happened in Karachi, then it would have been declared the world’s dangerous city.”

He added that Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s Oscar-winning film “Saving Face” was made when only three incidents of acid attacks were reported in Pakistan.

Comparing Pakistan’s situation with London Chaudhry said that nearly 800 incidents of acid attacks were recorded in the British capital yet, no movie was made, and neither did the media report on it.

“More than 10,000 knife attacks took place in England, and no one knew about them. Do you think London is safe?” asked the DG Rangers from the audience.

He also compared Karachi to New York, stating that in the year 2020, more than 1,600 armed burglaries took place in the American city while only 280 were reported in Karachi.

Speaking about how the country’s bad image affected Pakistanis, The DG rangers said, “We are not as bad as we are portrayed, and as a result of it, we have started to question ourselves.”

Maj Gen Chaudhary said that the Sindh Rangers “do not have the right to prosecute a defendant and can only keep an individual in confinement for 24 hours.” He added that after 24 hours, the rangers are supposed to hand over the criminal to the police.

“Police has the prosecution rights, but not the Rangers,” said Maj Gen Chaudhary, continuing that the rangers did set up a joint prosecution team with the former Capital City Police Office Karachi.

At an event to mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse, the DG Rangers highlighted that it was due to that joint prosecution team that the law enforcement agencies were able to identify the former Lyari gangster Uzair Baloch in five cases.

He added, “Rangers work with other organizations, and we have made mistakes.” However, Chaudhry highlighted the importance of the rangers by informing participants that a Karachi businessman had told him that he would move to Lahore if the paramilitary force leaves the city.

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  • the secret of success of a movie is when either it is showing progress of west or decline of east.
    Even the recent success real life stories are full of it. Take any example, gora is a champion/hero/progressive/broad minded etc., brown/black are losers/terrorist/thug etc.

  • Chinoy sirf goroun ku khush kerney ke chakkar mein Pakistan per game kheltee hey aur paisa kummaa rehee hey….ye bhi hum Pakistanioin ki haqeeat hey…ke hum sub se pehley Pakistan ku bura kehtey hein jub ke es mulk ka khaa ker pultey hein……..

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