9 reasons to deny the PTM’s claim that they strive for constitutional rights

PTM’s Ali Wazir threatening and calling for the murder of Pakistan Army officers. They are insisting on an armed uprising against the institution of the state.


PTM threaten to kill army officials

PTM leader and MNA Ali Wazir threaten and call for the murder of army officers and troops. He is using the same language that has been used by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan here in Waziristan. PTM claims to be a party is also unjustifiable as it is not registered and is involved in spreading the anti-state agenda countrywide.

PTM raises the secessionist flag

Pashtun_Tahafuz Movement
PTM raises the secessionist flag despite no political affiliation and registration as a political party.

PTM raises the secessionist flag and still claim to be a social human rights movement working for constitutional rights for Pashtun living in KPK and Balochistan.



PTM calls for mutiny

Manzoor Ahmed Pashtun who is the chairperson of PTM is calling for the revolt against the army. This demand of PTM leader is by no means constitutional and justifiable. PTM leaders have already been booked for multiple offenses following the group’s public meeting in Swabi. An FIR was registered at the Swabi police station on the charges of abetting mutiny, attempting to seduce the soldiers from their duty, punishment for rioting, punishment for criminal intimidation and for giving provocation calls for riots.

PTM’s calls for an armed uprising

PTM leader Said Alam Mehsud shout out for an armed uprising in Pashtun speeches and media. Leaders of the ethnocentric group call for violence in front of Urdu and English media outlets and portray themselves as peaceful supporters of Pashtun rights.


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Manzoor Pashteen vows to kill the soldiers

Manzoor Pashtun says that he will kill ten soldiers if any one of our men is killed. The statement came to the fore in response to the PTM’s propaganda on Arman Loni’s death after scuffling with the police. This is yet another unconstitutional attempt by PTM to provoke the people against the state organization.

Police Surgeon Dr. Ayesha Faiz and Medical Superintendent of Police Dr. Saleem Abro have deliberately rejected the notion that the death of Arman Loni was caused by the police torture saying that no torture mark was found on the body of the deceased during the autopsy. Professor Loni died under the mysterious circumstances during a sit-in staged in Loralai to protest against the terrorist attack on the DIG office complex.


Slogans in favor of the Israeli army

PTM raises the heartfelt slogans against the ground forces of Pakistan and chants in favor of the Israeli army at the same time. Ever since the occupation of Afghanistan by the US-led NATO forces, the country has become the focal point of attention by the intelligence agencies such as CIA, RAW, and Israeli Mossad which work in collaboration with National Directorate of Security (NDS) to ascertain their covert designs against the regional states including Iran and Pakistan.

There are reports that these agencies outsource different militant outfits including ISIS, ISIL and Afghanistan based Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Pakistan, after signing the landmark CPEC deal and being alone nuclear power in the Islamic World is on the special target of the foreign agencies. They continue to support the anti-Pakistan propaganda campaign and protest-demonstrations so as to weaken the country’s standing as a staunch supporter of the Muslim world.

These external hands which have backed the Baloch uprisings and Muhajir protests to drawdown the support for Pakistan Army and its prime intelligence agency ISI are also backing the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement.


What’s the PTM’s link to TTP?


In the video clip, the TTP commander announces support for Pashtun Tahafuz Movement. Are PTM and TTP are two sides of the same coin? “Our entire sympathy is with this movement and we stand behind these friends(PTM) who are raising their voice for prisoners. So our sympathy is with the prisoners.

PTM movement deserves all the reward (swab) for raising their voice for our prisoners. So our message to our prisoners is that we stand by you no matter in which jail you are”, a leader of the TTP can be seen as saying.


A tribal leader alleges that Nadeem Pashtun was the close aide of TTP

Malik Yasin Mehsud – A tribal leader alleges that Manzoor Pashtun is not the representative of the Mehsud tribe and Mehsud people deny their support for Manzoor. He demands action by the government of Pakistan against the formed non-state organization (PTM). We will never let down the sacrifices that have been laid by the people and the Pakistan Army in the Mehsud area. We will never allow prevailing of the Achakzai, Indian and Karzai policy and we condemn it, all the same, he adds.

He further alleged that Nadeem who is the brother of Manzoor Pashtun was a companion of Qari Hussain(Mastermind of bomb blasts). He also demanded the arrest of Nadeem Mehsud in the first place.

PTM also called the Hayatabad Operation as fake which was held in  April this year and lasted for hours leaving many terrorists dead. TTP claimed that the dead terrorists are their own and PTM participated in the funeral prayers of these terrorists in alleged support for TTP.


Social Media Campaigns

PTM has gradually gained the grounds through its social media campaign. PTM’s propaganda is fuelled by foreign media groups. For instance, a boy in Afghanistan is being shown on social media as a missing person in Pakistan by VOA.

Farishta murder case

PTM also alleges that the 10-year-old child Farishta who became the victim of sexual assault was also denied timely action by the law enforcers because she belonged to a tribal family. However, this hefty idea of PTM did not work. The father of Frishta expressed his firm belief on the authorities to provide his daughter complete justice.

What were the demands of PTM?

PTM put forth their demands and these demands include reducing the number of checkpoints, to clear the area of landmines and a solution into the missing person’s dilemma. About 45 percent of the landmines have been cleared at the expense of the life of more than 100 soldiers.

DG ISPR says that we have taken into consideration the just demands of PTM likewise reducing landmines, a decrease in the number of checkpoints. In the third demand, PTM created a list of missing persons. The list of missing persons has shortened to 2500 cases the commission is working day and night to resolve the cases, says Asif Ghafoor DG ISPR.

What’s your take about the political point scoring by PTM? Do you think that PTM put forward their demands constitutionally and peacefully?

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