9 years old from South Waziristan breaks India’s world record in dance move

Completes the most helicopter spins

Hailing from South Waziristan, the nine years old boy had made it to the Guinness Book of World Records. He broke the record for the most helicopter spins in 30 seconds, what we refer to as breakdance.

This record was previously held by neighbouring country India. Fourth-grader Rizwan Mehsud from Waziristan completed 46 helicopter spins in 30 seconds to make the world record. A certificate to acknowledge his feat was also issued by the global records organization. The young icon said he has broken Indian record to show that despite meagre resources and lesser concentration giving to arts on this side of the border, Pakistan is no less in talent.

Mehsud added that he is proud of his achievement and he has worked tirelessly day and night to improve his martial art skills.

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“This was a big achievement for Pakistan that a youngster such as him made this record in 30 seconds,”  – Irfan said, speaking to a local news source.  

He told that Rizwan trained tirelessly, worked at perfecting martial arts at a martial arts club for two years before he successfully broke the record. Irfan also told that it is refreshing to see how his achievements are also being acknowledged by the people and the government as well. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Sports of Director General has hailed Rizwan and asked him to travel to Peshawar to meet him.

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