95% Of Sectarian Violence Across The World Targeted Shias In 2017 – Report Reveals

As per the recent report for Global Extremism Monitor, 95% of the sectarian violence in the world during the previous year of 2017 was carried out against the Shia Community. The said report was published this Thursday by Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and insisted that the global community needs to undertake serious efforts to eradicate extremism and halt the violence.

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Despite lying outside the major conflict zones, report revealed that Pakistan is among the most affected countries by religious extremism and violence.

In the year 2017 alone, more than 1489 were killed at the hands of the reactionary and violent Islamist groups across the country. The stats also included 247 civilians that were killed in sectarian terrorist attacks throughout the year.

Another significant finding of the report said that the religious extremist groups are turning into transitional actors at a rapid pace, organizing themselves to carry out planned attacks against the civilians – posing a serious threat to state and governments.

Global Extremism Monitor also made an alarming revelation that sectarianism is the ‘most deadliest founding ideology’ to activate the terror groups.

Another concerning issue was the involvement of women in the terror group activities and continuation of human rights abuse in Syria. As per the released figures, more than half of civilian casualties were recorded in Syria.

The research detailed that a total of 12 terror groups are active in Pakistan with two agendas. One to destabilize the state and two, to target the Shia community and other minorities.

It also warned that anti-Shia sectarian outfit Lashkar e Jhangvi (LeJ)  related factions pledged support to Islamic State (IS) in 2017, so the security situation can further deteriorate in the region.

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