After Ahed Tamimi, Now her brother is jailed – who will raise voice for Palestinian kids?

14 mins ago

''I was detained for clashing with Israeli forces in 2017 after my cousin was shot in the head. Almost a year since my release, my 15-year-old brother – like so many other children, has been taken away too''

Hatred against journalists is taking shape of violence now – media watchdog warns

The media watchdog has warned that hatred against journalists fuelled by populist leaders primarily is turning to violence.

2 hours ago

KPK rediscovers a treasure of ancient Hindu religious sites

K-P looking to restore Hindu sacred sites across the country to promote religious tourism.

22 hours ago

Video Content | Israeli court orders to demolish 500 Palestinian homes

Israel's Supreme Court has ordered demolition of 500 homes by Palestinians in East Jerusalem's Silwan neighbourhood.

23 hours ago

Fire in Notre Dam Cathedral gave birth to Islamophobic conspiracy theories

As fire engulfed Notre Dam Cathedral, Islamophobic conspiracy theories fuelled online, adding to the prevailing far-right narrative.

23 hours ago

Pakistan and mental health | 1338 people lost their lives to suicide and depression in 2018

Mental health has been a concerning issue pertaining to Pakistani youth, particularly in recent months. Death after death, one bright…

2 days ago

VIDEO: Darul Sehat Hospital | Another horrifying case exposed

After a horrifying case surfaced the internet and FIR was registered where one wrong injection from the hospital pushed a…

2 days ago

Trump rejects congressional resolution to end US involvement in war on Yemen

US President Donald Trump has vetoed a congressional resolution that could have lead to end US involvement and equipping the…

2 days ago

Bulldozing mosques – China’s new weapon against oppressed Uighur population

Residents and observers have referred to China’s actions in Xinjiang as the work of a ''bulldozer state''. However, regardless, there is no…

2 days ago

VIDEO || Muslim man who lost his children in Chapel Hill forced to defend his religion during congressional hearing Dr Mohammad Abu-Salha calmly described the pain of reviewing the autopsy reports for his murdered daughters and son-in-law. While he…

3 days ago