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3 PMLN Leaders From Bahawalpur And Ex-MNA From Layyah Join PTI

3 PMLN Leaders and Nephews Of PMLN Minister Rana Iqbal Joined PTI. Ex-MNA From Layyah Ghulam Haider Thind Joins PTI…

9 months ago

“A big wicket of PMLN is about to fall” Imran Khan – Who do you think it is?

PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday announced that a mighty wicket will fall soon. Imran Khan refused to respond to…

9 months ago

NA-17 Haripur: Who will win the next general elections from this constituency PTI or PMLN – Watch Public opinion

NA-17 Haripur: Who will win the next general elections from this constituency PTI or PMLN - Watch Public opinion http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6ibwtp

9 months ago

Imran Khan Arrives In Lahore And He Means Business , PMLN Worried

Chairman PTI Imran Khan arrives direct in Lahore today and he straight away means business. He will be addressing the…

9 months ago

PMLN’s Openly ‘Threatening’ Banners In Sangla Hill Raise Conerns – Should Be Taken Seriously, Says Hamid Mir

Ironically the biggest advocates of democracy in Pakistan, who’s election slogans are drenched in standing for ‘people’, find it harder…

10 months ago

Farhatullah Babar’s Heated Farewell Speech In Senate Are PPP & PMLN Uniting Against Judiciary?

PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar was rather unforgiving in his Farwell speech to Senate. During his final address to the upper…

11 months ago

PMLN Senator Breaks Silence On Viral Video Of Him ‘Inappropriately’ Touching A Girl – Watch What He Said

Ever since Zainab’s case got the limelight and broke silence on the issue of child molestation, we have seen an…

12 months ago

News Of Jemima Khan Visiting Pakistan Makes PMLN Supporters A Little Salty As They Start A Shameful Twitter Trend – See It Here

Pakistani politics has seen many strong women who have depicted commendable strength and determination, winning the hearts of people and…

1 year ago

Social Media Echoes With Reaction To PMLN’s Victory In NA-120 Derby

NA-120, one of the most controversial and cardinal constituency of the country had all eyes fixed on it as the…

1 year ago

PMLN’s Maiza Hameed Accuses Imran Khan of Rape and Social Media Is Furious About It

This is the dilemma of Pakistani politics that amidst political rivalry, character assassination is used as a manipulative tool. After…

1 year ago