A Breakthrough: Islamabad Police Formally Launch Gender Protection Unit (GPU)

Islamabad Police formally inaugurated a recently established Gender Protection Unit (GPU) on Friday.

The city’s inspector general of police explained the step as a significant and proactive move in the right direction.

The GPU is a dedicated division of the Islamabad Captial Territory Police.

The division will individually examine cases linked to harassment, gender violence, domestic and child abuse.

The unit and an associated helpline are handled by female police personnel to make it simpler for women to file their grievances.

The inauguration ceremony of the GPU was lead by the Inspector General (IG) Police, Qazi Jamil-ur-Rehman, at the Police Facilitation Centre (PFC) in the federal capital.

The Police IG highlighted his department’s endeavors to enhance the operations of the unit and better assist marginalized sections of the community.


It is pertinent to note that the unit has already filed 87 complaints linked to women’s problems.

According to a report by the Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO), around 9,400 cases of violence against women were recorded in the last six months of 2020.

Around 1,920 cases of child abuse were also documented during the same period.


The unit has also recruited female doctors and clinicians to assist complainants with higher performance and sensitivity.

The GPU has also developed a committed space for kids to make them more comfortable.

The Police IG highlighted the requirement of sensitizing the police to respond to calls linked to gender-based violence.

Rehman also called the GPU a “sustainable” enterprise as those operating with it would not be allotted anywhere else.

While setting up the unit and getting making it operational, the police engaged with civil society groups like Individualland, Talking Sense, and Group Development Pakistan to give responsiveness discipline to police officials and staff.

According to the Assistant Superintendent Police Amna Baig, the unit was instituted after the police witnessed a surge in the number of women contacting them on social media.

“Women were not proceeding to police stations to record crimes against them, even though we were getting lots of complaints from them via social media.”

“That is when we understood it was not easy for them to just come in,” she said. 

Baig added that female complainants were normally more comfortable communicating with women police officers.

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