A cataract operation gone wrong in government hospital Larkana deprives Sindhi writer of his vision

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The Awami Tehreek leader, and Profolic Sindhi writer Abdul Manan Chandio, was recently admitted at Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital with severe complications from cataract surgery. Allegedly due to the negligence of doctors, an operation at a government hospital in Larkana left him blind in both eyes.

Last week, one of his eyes was removed as the doctors at the civil hospital in Karachi could not save it; the other will be treated in a couple of days, but the progress is weak.

Abdul Manan’s family believes it was the negligence of the doctors that led to the 67-year-old losing his eyesight. 

Speaking to a source, the writer’s son, Irfan Chandio, said his father went to the hospital for a routine check-up after having some inflammation in his right eye. After an examination, the doctors suggested that Abdul Manan needed to have a cataract operation immediately – a standard procedure to clear a cloudy lens.

Irfan said after the procedure, his father felt some pain and went back to the hospital.

 “The two doctors treating my father in Larkana performed another surgery on him. After complications escalated, we were referred to Karachi,” Irfan added.

ENT doctors in Karachi informed Chandio’s family that the doctors in Larkana had misunderstood the underlying condition. “My father had an issue concerning the nose, not his eyes,” said Irfan.

Fungus Infection

A physician at Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital, Dr. Noor Ahmed Somoro, told the source, “Chandio was brought here with serious complications. He had severe fungus infection in his eyes.”

Before the surgery to remove the 67-year-old’s right eye, both his eyes were swollen, and he could not see from either of them. The most qualified doctors have been assigned to treat him, said Dr. Soomro.

Irfan concluded, ” It was only the negligence of the doctors in Larkana that my father lost his eyesight. Besides, he was mistreated to the point that now his survival is at risk.

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  • Impossible!!
    Larkana hospitals are better than hospitals in Europe and USA. This cannot be true.
    Bhutto himself roams around and makes sure that treatments are successful.

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